Yautja Compatible- Armor compatability mods for Predators- TLT by Dnxyken
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I) news
II) Updating
1.) Reasoning
2.) Waiting...
3.) Load order/Requirements
4.) troubleshooting

------------ I -----------
What do you want, good people?
Reversing the order of news.
Anyways, so I uploaded the dragonborn compat and a few others. I like releasing the compilation compats because I value load order and size. I dont want people to fill their load order with 30 of these little compats. I myself use all the compilations like Dragonborn and Dawnguard, and Wet and Cold Ultimate. My question is: does anybody want that I split up some of these? Does anybody actually care?
Does anybody want any mods I didn't address. Leave your 2 cents n' pence in the comments, I will read all of them.

I will be putting up the next compat in a few days, this one for Cloaks of Skyrim.
After, i will do Winter is Coming. Expect both by (at the latest) February 8th

1/31/13 b
Surprise! I finished both Cloaks of Skyrim and Winter is Coming extremely ahead of schedual! I did a lot of work arounds, research, figuring-out, and learned a bit more about the kit. Enough to be confident in releasing 3 new patches!

DragonBorn and Chesko's mods
Well everybody, as I'm sure you are all aware of, Dragonborn for pc was released yesterday. Now, I already got mine and I'm sure some of you are wondering, "Is P-TLT incompatible with Dragonborn?'
No. It isn't. Works fine.
Of course though, non of the new clothing items are going to work. Roland113 already mentioned this on his mod in the comments. So now I am starting work on Dragonborn compatibility and then Chesko's mods, Wearable Lanterns and Frostfall.
after that, I don't have any major mods or anything to compat for, so start telling me what you want and I'll get to it.

----------------- II -------------------

If you update, please uninstall the previous version first.
that's all.

----------- 1. --------------
(you can skip this)

I love roland113's mod, Predators- The Lost Tribes.

Plain and simple.
I want him to keep working on it, adding and improving his file.
Spending time on tedious compatability mods for armor is (probably) not his concern.
So I wish to help. The mods are extremely basic edits in the creation kit, but time consuming and necessary non the less. A lot of people probably aren't going to take it upon themselves to create these compatability mods either, so I figure I'll just do them, so they all work and are in one place.

I want to make something clear:
I'm a noob ( or n00b, as the kids say) at modding.
the creation kit is annoying. I don't like dealing with it, and don't have the patience to read countless articles to learn it. I just get by on what I've learned.
I'm open to any useful information to make these compatability mods ( I'm just gonna call them COMPATS from now on) better, for me, and for you.

---------------- 2 --------------------
(you can skip this too)

I'll be releasing more files for compatability with other mods, but there is inevitable waiting.
I'll be focusing on major mods that I use first, and after that I could do requests.
But it will be done

---------------- 3 ---------------------
(you could probably survive without this)

Your load order/requirements are as follows:

+Latest version of Skyrim
+any mod that is being affected (compatability for)
+Predators- TheLostTribes.esp (the version shouldn't matter, but of course get the newest)
+Yautja Compatable patches
in that order.

---------------- 4 ---------------------
(read befor commenting)

If it doesn't work?
let me know. I'll see what I can do. But put some effort into what doesn't work and how you set everything up.