About this mod

A makeover of the Hjaalmarch Region to fit my personal taste and style, personally I find it to be more lore-friendly than the original provided by Bethesda.

Permissions and credits
[size="5"]Hjaalmarch Redux[/size]


Thanks to Hodilton and Marcoosicus for the review videos!

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When I first read about Skyrim in the lore from previous elder scrolls games, I had a much different impression of what the land actually looked like when compared to Bethesda's vision which was released to us. This mod is a representation of the mental image I created when I first read about Skyrim. Currently, this mod only affects the Hjaalmarch region, but I have differing opinions on much of the Skyrim landscape, so you can expect changes in all (read: most) of the Holds.

Current Release : Version 1.0

Release Changes

- Removes 99.9 percent of trees from the Hjaalmarch Swamp
- Identifies Stonehills as a village, not a mine, as dictated by previous maps of Skyrim
- Removes Snow from Morthal
- Added Nordic Ruins and Structures to the new Hjaalmarch
- Removes Trees from Morthal to better match the rest of the Hjaalmarch
- Changes the hill containing Meeko's Shack to a dead forest
- Removes Trees from the hill containing Dead Man's Respite in the Western portion of Hjaalmarch Hold
- Adds more Nordic Ruin in the style of the swamps to the Western portion of Hjaalmarch Hold
- Compatibility with Hearthfire DLC added


This mod is currently compatible with most mods that make changes to the Hjaalmarch region as long as you properly sort your load order, whichever changes you want to show should be the later ESP in the load order. If a patch is necessary and requested for compatibility with a major mod I will do my best to provide that for you all.

- This mod is compatible with ETaC*! I would recommend loading this mod after ETaC Complete.esp but either way should work.

* These mods are part of an overarching project that I'm calling Distinct Skyrim: Landscapes Reimagined and so, they won't be considered final until that mod has been released. Since ETaC alters most of the cities and towns in Skyrim, I will provide a true compatibility (a better word here is probably continuity) patch between DSLR and ETaC once DSLR has been released to save me time and a headache.

Suggested Mods

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Q: Will you make this change for me?
A: I'm always willing to listen to new ideas, but unless its listed under the future release section, it probably won't be made by me.

Q: Is this compatible with "X" mod?
A: If it makes changes to the Hjaalmarch region, most likely not. If you think a patch will be worthwhile, mention it in the comments section and I will take a look.

Q: I like this change, but that change makes me cringe.
A: Thats really not a question, but I'll answer it anyway. The release of this mod is modular, meaning that you might be able to find a version of the mod with the changes you like without the changes you don't.


If you enjoy this mod, think its a good idea, or even hate it; please leave a comment! Feedback is what tells me what I need to change and what I should keep. Endorsements are, as always, most appreciated as well.