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About this mod

This MOD provides appropriate table manner to sophisticated citizens in Skyrim.
Whenever you dine, every followers also tries to sit down and dine together.

Permissions and credits
Just replace older package. No clean-save needed.

* Introduction

This MOD provides appropriate table manner to sophisticated citizens in Skyrim.
Whenever you dine, every followers also tries to sit down and dine together.
Originally this MOD was developed as animation patch MOD for TRO and RND in
local community. Now I revised everything to generalize for release.

* Assumptions

Skyrim1.8 or higher, and corresponding SKSE required.

* Installation
Copy Data folder in the archive to Skyrim folder.

* Updating
 Basically no operation needed to update I think, though, if you find something goes wrong,
please try turn off and on "Enable `Dine With Followers'" option.
 Updating while not using functions of this mod should be safer.

* Default Usage
- If you eat something, followers (try to) eat the same food or drink.
Despite the number of followers you have, just one food item is consumed.
- If you sit in a chair, followers (try to) sit in a chair nearby.
They may start to use furnitures (crafting table etc.) instead of a chair.
- Someone who drinks standing performs tankard drink motion.
If he/she is sit in a chair and using a table, he/she simply puts it on the table.
- Someone who eats standing performs bread-eating motion.
- Someone who eats sitting performs:
+ bread-eating motion if it was a snack.
+ soup bowl and spoon motion on temporary table.
If he/she was you, dialog shows up and ask which motion to take.
- If you eat any MOD food which you have never eaten, you are asked what type
the food belongs to.
"Drink" - normal drink which can be obtained from shop or looting.
"Snack" - light snack, appropriate for bread-eating motion.
"Meal" - something you want to eat with soup bowl and spoon.
"No Food" - if you are using hardcore MOD, empty bottles are this type for example.
Dummy food-like items on which you don't want to perform any eat/drink animations.
"Unfinished Drink(by MOD)" - some items automatically obtained by any MOD, like
half-empty water bottle if you are using hardcore MOD. This type of drink is
excluded from Direct Eating(described later).
- If you read a book, you perform book-reading motion.
Reading standing when you are standing, or reading sitting when you are sitting,
or just place it on a table if you are using one.
- Everything will be cleared up when you get up from the chair.
- You can reselect the type of MOD foods by Select Food Type spell in Alteration section.
Grab it and cast the spell. Selection dialog will turn up.

* Options
You can configure DineWithFollowers from MCM.

- Enable `Dine With Followers': Toggles whole MOD functionality between ON/OFF.
Close System Tab menu when you changed the setting.
- Followers Partaking: Specifies if followers should eat with you.
- Use temporary table: Specifies if fake temporary table should be used or not.
++ALWAYS - Always generates temporary table.
++If necessary - Generates table if there's no existing table available in front.
++Never - Uses existing table, otherwise just performs bread-eating action.
- Eat Standing: Specifies if anyone who could not find a chair will eat while standing still.
- Read Books: Specifies if you actually bring out a book and turn page on reading books from inventory.
- With Lighting: Specifies if candles on the table should be turned ON/OFF.
- Direct Eating: You can eat directly from table or barter menu with waitress.
Asked if you want to eat the food immediately.
- Max Food Size on Plate: Some food item have larger 3D model.
This option specifies what size at maximum is allowed to be shown on the soup bowl.

* Files
Data/DineWithFollowers.esp - Main file.
Data/DineWithFollowers.bsa - Scripts.
Data/Interface/Translations/DineWithFollowers_ENGLISH.txt - MCM string data.

* Version History
2016.10.28 - Enhance: added toggles for "eat standing" and "read books" option.
2013.2.17 - Enhance: temporary table became optional. Bugfix: fix repeating 'Unfinished Drink' selection. Bugfix: follower lighting.
2013.1.31 - Derived from RNDAnimPatch, first release.

* Modification, Redistribution
Freely permitted.