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So with the release of Dragonborn soon and me being very bored at the time, I decided to have a go at making a race.
The Skaal are an isolated tribe of Nords living in the northern area Solstheim, they live in a village that shares its name with their people.

So what I did was using the normal Nord presets, I changed some names and info, added new powers, etc.
Once you install this mod bears and wolfs will not attack you, you can pretty much walk right up and pat them.
This is to the Skaals religion as Wolves and Bears are considered sacred to the Skaal.

I have added Warpaints from other races to the Male but not the female yet.
Females have just the normal Nord paints.
If this is liked enough I will also do female paints and once Dragonborn is realeased and this mod is going well, ill expand on it hopefully making people register that you are a Skaal not a Nord.

More info in the readme
Any feedback is welcome.

Thank you very much to jackstarr how helped me understand how to properly make animals passive.