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Always thought Lydia looked a bit...(insert expletive here) Well you're in luck, with this mod you'll never look at Lydia the same way as you did before!

Permissions and credits
I would love some user screenshots guys, but keep SFW please :)

[size="3"]MAJOR UPDATE!!! :[/size]

Give a big hug and kudos point to Sdesser..He's the one who fixed my file!
Here's his mod : Ilatria - Nord Female Standalone Follower
Download and Endorse!

Lydia Sylvan Makeover is now officially 100% STANDALONE!!!!! Finally, got off my ar*e and did something about it! You only need to have the latest update of Skyrim (v1.8.151.0)

>>What do you think guys?? Should I make more Sylvan ladies?? Would you people prefer standalone vanilla makeovers (like Lydia) or completely unique standalone Sylvan follower ladies? Please comment and throw as many ideas and suggestions as you can! Cheers!

*****For PREVIOUS users, there are some points and guidelines regarding updating your Lydia, they go as follows :

1.> Please dismiss Lydia as your current follower (Its time we part ways.).
2.> Wait for 1 whole game day ( by pressing the T key (default).
3.> make a new save!
4.> remove your old Lydiaapachi.esp and delete it from the Data folder.
5.> launch Skyrim again, and make another new save!
6.> download the LydiaSylvanMakeoverStandalone.7z file and install it via NMM or manual install should work too, if you know what you're doing!!
7.> launch skyrim and find Lydia, depending on your game, she should be either in Breezehome or Dragonsreach(if Breezehome is not purchased).

*****For NEW users, download and install this mod like any other mod, and it should work fine!

Important [please read] :

Other Info:
[size="5"]Mod has been updated! Will only need the latest update of Skyrim!! (v[/size]
*****If she's naked, please be a gent/lady and dress her up! :) [This WASN'T Intentional!]

[size="3"]Some Reviews!![/size]

>"She's definitely different, and looks kind of meaner, but I really like it. She still has just enough of the original Lydia, but just enough to make her different. While so many Lydia overhauls focus on making her look prettier or more glamorous, this one makes her look more like a warrior while still retaining her attractiveness. Nice work!" - miketheratguy

>''Works great, I'll have to figure out why I can't take any screenshots and post them up." - Zeisan

>Sooo many Lydia remakes around... and yours is the best one! I've never even bothered with other ones, they never seemed prettier to me. Hadn't reconsidered ol' Lyd-dog as a companion since I first played the game, really, although I do love her name.
You nailed it. She's sweet. - lordstormdragon

What started as a Nooby CK edit has now become my first-ever standalone mod!

Previous Users may notice a slight change in her appearance, this WAS intentional, believe me. The most noticeable change should be that her eyes are actually
one of the very beautiful non vanilla eyes included in the Eyes Of Beauty mod.

Credits and Kudos :

Without these people and their mods, I'd have given up playing and even thinking about modding Skyrim!
I'm taking no credit in what my mod has to offer! I'm just the guy who combined the following mods and
thereby I deserve the LEAST credit!!

1. Caliente's CBBE by Caliente (THE BEST body mod around!!)
2. Body Imperfect by betterbecause (THE BEST body textures and normals around!!)
3. The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam (THE BEST eye textures anywhere!!)
4. ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii (THE BEST hair mod ever!!)
5. Nuska's Real Skin and Face Morphs by Nuska (It doesn't get any better than this! Seriously, I'm tired of seeing fake anime-esque plastic girls scampering around Skyrim! This IS what a REAL person looks like!!!!)
6. Bethesda for the CreationKit and Skyrim !

*****Disclaimer : If you want to use any resources included in Lydia's Sylvan Makeover, please ask for permissions from their respective authors, and me.. (if you want to do something with my plugin)