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Retexture of Vanilla Daedric Armor from scratch
curiass 2048x2048
Etc 1024x1024

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Thanks Lubitasofta :P

Users can now use/modify do what ever they want with my textures as long as given the proper credits (:

Change Log:

The Greatsword had a weird seam, this updates fixes that
Fixed/Added the missing mace texture
Adds a Complete weapon package
Adds Swords (Sword, Greatsword, and Dagger)
Next Update will have all weapons
Added Shield

1.1 The helm on 1.0 had a mistake (if you didn't notice, good)
in 1.1 I changed it all to one armor type. Looks better

I had a purpose while i did this retex. I wondered why Daedric vanilla armor didn't even look humanly made. Looked like some exoskeleton. With my modification, i wanted to add the human smithing touch to it. The metal shines because it's high grade metal (ebony). While the rest of the armor is simple, unchanged but not familiar to humans. I made a high contrast on purpose, because i enjoy it that way.

I Decided to do Stahlrim Retex next

Daedric Retexture from scratch, i hope you enjoy this because it took some time. I hand drew a lot of stuff here and took my time. Tried to keep it as similar as Vanilla. So it is still lore friendly
This Provides All armor pieces and weapons

Check out my Glorified Dawnbreaker or Enhanced Dawnbreaker

Enhanced Dawnbreaker


Courtesy of svaalbard

Courtesy of Bd mods

Courtesy of Hod

Courtesy of olivierhacking

Feel free to share your screenshots, much obliged

Nexus Exclusive please
Do not re-upload elsewhere
if you want to make changes and etc, ask first