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Dragonborn's hobby farm outside Whiterun. Get away from it all in the country. Just ride (or walk/run) west of Whiterun on the road. You can't miss it. It has all the amenities.


Forge, smelter, grindstone, workbench, tanning rack and wood chopping block. There is even a horse you can ride. (As of now, when you dismount, it will head back to the ranch, though.)

Inside you have:

Alchemy lab, enchanting table, cooking station, 4 mannequins, 5 shield plaques, 5 weapon plaques, 6 weapon racks, and various storage.

Cleaned with TES5Edit v 3.0.26

"Spouses Can Live Everywhere" by Amgepo and Emma
"My Home Is Your Home" - a mod for followers by Volek

My other files:
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v1.1 added a light upstairs, pulled the safe out of the wall and added a bench outside around back.

v1.2 Fixed issue with staves appearing upside down in weapon racks.

v1.3 Added chest and wardrobe near forge and should be Dawnguard and Dragonborn compatible.

v1.4 Added Smoke to forge and house and a small campfire in front of the bench out back.