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When I was playing through Skyrim, I thought the animals in the world were too small. I was in a land of myth and monsters, right? If there are sabrecats and mammoths running around, why not Irish Elk and short-faced bears? There were similar mods, but none that did what I wanted. So I set about tweaking the vanilla animals, doubling the size of most of them in the construction kit.

Here are the races affected:
• Bears (Brown bears, cave bears, snow bears)
• Chaurus (Chaurus Reapers, Chaurus)
• Deer (Elk, Deer, Stag- Hircine)
• Foxes (Red Foxes, Snow Foxes)
• Giants
• Horkers
• Mammoths
• Sabre Cats (Sabre Cats, Snowy Sabre Cats)
• Slaughterfish
• Mammoths
• Trolls (Troll, Uderfrykte, Frost Troll)
• Mudcrabs (All variants)
• Wolves (Timber wolves, Pit Wolves, Snow Wolves, Spirit Wolves)

Spiders, Skeevers, Ice Wraiths and Dragons did not take well to messing with their sizes. Skeevers usually end up jumping through the roof of a dungeon's corridor and getting lost. Spiders tended to clog the caves they inhabited- especially the giant spiders that were already larger than the common ones. Dragons caused all sorts of problems, especially with breaking scripts.

Some species have different choices- for instance, male mudcrabs are smaller than females. One version, "Original Scale Multiplied" keeps males smaller but multiplies them by 1.25/1.5/etc. The "Flat Rates Multiplied" makes males the same size as females, and sets the scale at 1.25/1.5/etc. The Flat Rate versions will present a more uniform experience and generally be a bit bigger, with a few exceptions. I've included readmes that explain in more detail the size variations.

Now that I've sold you on getting my mod, let me sell you on not getting my mod:

Is this mod canonically accurate? I guess not, no. Is it historically accurate? Nope. I wasn't trying to be. I just wanted to be surprised when I rounded a corner and found a chaurus the size of a car (Insert VW beetle joke here).

There are some clipping issues. For instance, when you kill something big and walk through the body, you can see the inside. This happened with normal-sized animals, but now it's more obvious. I don't think there's much I can do to fix this.

And the biggest problem- compatibility with other mods. If you have another critter mod that tweaks the vanilla animals, I wouldn't expect it to play nice. I don't use any other animal mods aside from a few dragon overhauls, so I can't say what will interfere and what won't. If your mod adds more animals and doesn't change the vanilla ones it should be OK, but I offer no warranty. I made this for myself, so as long as I’m satisfied with it it’s good.

I checked each version in TES5Edit, but if I made a mistake let me know and I’ll try to fix it. If you have a request, like wanting rabbits gigantic or a version that doesn’t touch a certain animal, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do. I’m starting to wind down on Skyrim though; I’m just posting this in case anyone wants to give it a shot. I don’t have Dawnguard and I don’t know if I’ll ever pick it or Dragonborn up, so if someone wants to make a DLC version of this mod feel free. I’m not going to freak out over permissions so have at it.

- Made species-specific ESPs, as well as merged mods in case you don't want twenty ESPs cluttering your load lists
- Abandoned doubled health/damage versions. I may revisit it when I have more time, but it would take a long time to make sure it was balanced.