Winterhold - Expanded Ruins by The Winterhold Ruins Team
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Last updated at 22:39, 11 May 2016 Uploaded at 15:32, 27 Jan 2013

A major expansion of Winterhold along with a whole new area to explore and an adventure.

Vanilla  Skyrim never visually represented the outcome of the Great Collapse. Instead of a major city in ruins, all the player sees is a tiny village with a few damaged and abandoned houses with an interesting back story. "Winterhold Expanded Ruins" goes the length to fix this issue by adding ruined buildings, a small (but neglected) market place, ruined walls and gates, destroyed architectural clutter along the shoreline and cliff face below the bridge to the College, a Hall of the Dead and large buried city ruins. We've tried to be as lore friendly as possible.

Note: The caverns may be difficult to fight your way through unless you are higher level. I suggest you wait until you are at least level 30 before
you attempt to navigate the caverns and underground ruins.

This is a continuation of rhinala's Expanded Winterhold Destruction Ruins mod. Credit goes to Rhinala70 and Phaota for the original mod and most of the work that went into this. We only claim credit for this stability release and any future versions of the mod. We are releasing this mod only with the permission of the original creators, Rhinala70 and Phaota.

* Additional Ruins, showing the story of the Great Collapse, around and within Winterhold.
* The great walls of Winterhold in all their glory.
* Information about the Great Collapse, scattered in notes.
* An underground cavern, along with a challenging adventure.
* Challenging Maze.
* Compatible with almost everything(that doesn't affect Winterhold)
* Completely clean. Not only have dirty edits been removed but all wild edits have been checked individually. (This is how a mod should be cleaned. ITM clean is not enough)

Skyrim Special Edition
Winterhold's Ruins have made their way to Skyrim's Special Edition!

I highly recommend using the Nexus Mod Manager, just as many other mod authors do. It's very convenient and ensures that you can't forget a file during installation. Additionally, it tells you which mods you may be overwriting when installing many mods.
However, if you are insistent on manual installation:
1. Move/copy the esm and esp files to your Skyrim data folder (Usually C: Program Files/Steam/Skyrim/Data)
2. Either move/copy the scripts, textures, and meshes folders to your data folder or open each folder and move the contents to your existing scripts, textures, and meshes folders. It should be fine to overwrite everything.
3. Start the game on a save in which your character is not currently in Winterhold. This is important!
4. Enjoy.

Skyrim - Latest Version.

Potential Future Updates
* New Player home, available after becoming Thane.
* A full-blown quest-line, explaining the Great Collapse and providing opportunities to change Winterhold forever.
* Immersive Dialogue.
* Voice acting.
* Full Overhaul of the Caverns with new locations and new player home.
* An MCM for configuring certain areas of the mod and difficulty.
* Merging the ESM and ESP back into one file. This will totally prevent inter-conflict.

This mod should be compatible with everything that doesn't affect Winterhold directly.
Clean College mods should be fine(as long as they don't touch anything outside the College)
I've also checked that it is compatible with Better Fast Travel - Carriages and Ships

Please remember to describe issues in detail and provide information such as load order, list of mods, (and your frame rate before and after using this mod(if your issue is lag))

The Winterhold Ruins Team

* rhinala09 for the original mod.
* phaota for all of his wonderful help.
* clickok80 for the necessary name change.
* Artifex0 for the werewolf torso
* dogtown1 for the wonderful werewolf (a joined work with Phaota)
* Darkrder for the paintings
* Rex1029 for the teleport spell and all the patient and help.
* Wauthan: for the description enhancement.
* Bethesda for creating this wonderful game.
* The moding community in this site, for all the wonderful content and assistance.