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Alchemist's Hidden Valley & Refuge

I am sorry, but I cannot speak English. Therefore, this sentence uses the machine translation.
I may not understand your words, but please forgive it.

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This mod add a little world and house that player can use own house. Its location is south of Falkreath City.
House has some special useful object.


If you installed this mod and start Skyrim, you can find Mapmaker(Alchemist's Hidden Cave) near Falkreath.
You can find the logs that is propped up in front and please activate that, so There is a cave to the small world. (please see location SS)
And when you enter the house, you can find a spelltome on upstairs desk. If you cast this "Take Me Home!"(conjuration)spell ,you can teleport to Refuge directly.

For several objects


*You will be able to use all of crafting by using Pot.

>>Altar and Stone(Location:Near Stair)
*You can choose your Divine Altar and Stoneby your self. If you want to change it, please activate night table that is under altar.

>>Door (Location:Entrance)
*You can change teleport location to all city and joined guilds headquarter.
?!Caution! You can teleport even if the FT cant use on the progress of some quest. In that case, please donot use Map.

>>Strange Chest (Location:Basement)
*Button located right wall
There is simple sorter. If you use it, Items that you choice are auto sort and into container.
!Caution! This is realy simple one.Rather than sorting machine, it is a collection machine.

>>Strange Chest (Location:Basement)
*Its located left of all chest
There is one Spelltome on the chest, and you get Call Chest! spell when you read it. so, you can activate(open) this chest by this spell wherever you are.

>>Other Crafting (Location:)

*Cooking:Kitchen Table/Enchanting:Upstairs Desk/Making Potions:Alchemy Table in Entrance

>>Little Mine (Location:In World Space)
*There is a mine with a variety of mineral deposits on the back of the home.

Caution and Note, known Problem

*As for use the Door and Return home spell, it can teleport you even if the FT cant use on the progress of some quest. In that case, please donot use Map and Spell.
*You can FT from Refuge directly.
*Mine,Well,World Space are respawn location.

Usage and Credit

meshs and textures are possible to modify and redistribute basically with my credit. (some elements are not made by me If you use there please read the following)
but I will upload some elements for moddersresource with add and correct.

but esp is not, so I will fix and change in the future.

I use some elements from other mod and resource. If you want to use there, you need download original file and read authers readme.
*Srotis Small House Resource by stroti (mesh/AAAH/Small House) !!I add some change.
*Spring Flowers II by Elinen (mesh/landscape/grass)
*LevelersTower by WillieSea (SorterScript)

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