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Giants and Mammoths - Mounts and Followers by gg77 version 3.3.1

Optional File: Esp version Française pour la version 3.3.1

Giants and Mammoths allow you to summon 13 Giants + 3 Mammoths, Mounts and (-simple-) Followers everywhere you want.

You can easily DISMISS when you want with a "Spell tome:Dismiss Summoned Giant"

You can find 2 Companions/Followers Giants + a Companion/Follower Ice Mammoth (with speech) in the Solitude Stable; and 4 Companions/Followers Ents near the South bridge of Ivarstead/Fort-Ivar(The Mother and his 3 Sons ?).

With the Giants, you have to take out your weapon then left click on the mouse to move forward faster (mounts AND followers !)

The DLC Dawnguard is required

To access in Vvardenfell (Morrowind) and Cyrodiil (Oblivion) with these mounts you have the 2 mods WIP: SKYWIND and SKYBLIVION

INSTALLATION (very important)

Only for the manual installation:

1) You have to put the folder « Data » in "...Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim "

For the manual and the NMM installations:

2) You must place the new .esp at the bottom of the list in the "Data Files" when you launch the game to obtain the 17 books...(Normally, this is done automatically !)

3) (Only if you have download other mods "Summon...") You must INSTALL the summons (my other mods "summon") ONE BY ONE ! (ALL my mods are STANDALONE !)

You can find the “Spell tome: Summon XXXX” and the "Spell tome:Dismiss Summoned Giant", at Farengar Secret-Fire in Dragonsreach/Fort Dragon (Whiterun/Blancherive) or with an other Spell Vendor (ex: Sybille Stentor in the Blue Palace/Palais Bleu in Solitude).

Duration of the summon: 1 hour (15' for the Spectral Mounts)

4) You can put in your Skyrim.ini ( user / my documents / my games / Skyrim ) the following settings (you can copy / paste the following):



These settings allow you to see all mounts (of my mods) correctly, whether your character takes his weapon out or not

Bugs or Problems

1) You can only have one Follower at a time: if you want a different one (in my other mods), you need to dismiss the first one before you recruit them.

If telling the follower to return at home (With message: “Your companion heads home”) doesn't dismiss him, or if you have "lost" the “active” Follower, you can try this:

Type “²” key to get into console, and type:

set playeranimalcount to 0

2) With Amazing Follower Tweaks by Dheuster , or other mod with followers, if problem to dismiss the followers, you can uncheck this mod (AFT or other) in the Data Files when you launch the game

3) If you have any problem with these mounts, you can try a FAST TRAVEL...


Thanks to Vicn for the meshes of Ebony Giant, Ebony King Giant, Jyggalag Giant, Dwarven Keeper, Giant Stone Golem, Skeleton Giant, Draugr Giant, Balaburo Giant, in his mod Vicn Creature Resource (”You can use any parts of this mod without my permission.”)

Thanks to Gendundrup in his mod Nexus Creature Resource (Skyrim Modders resources and tutorials) for the Ice Mammoth (The texture is from exray catt (XRC) ), and the Ent (Meshe/textures from Newermind43 )

Thanks to Angilla for the Ent Throne in his mod Forest Throne - Level Asset (« Modders resources and tutorials »"Please just post proper credits or a link to the original mod")

Russian site GameModding

This mod is also on the Workshop/Steam

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