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Mod Name: Reaper's Witchwood Forest
By: Reaper9111
Version: 2

This mod add a Cabin (fully retextured to match the dark colors of the forest) The cabin is a player home with all the crafting bench, All storage inside the house are safe.
There's a secret basement where you can do your Alchemy, enchantment and foreging experiment ! The button to access the secret basement is on the wall in the bedroom.

Witchwood Forest North East of Ivarstead (follow the road "Downhill" following the river from Ivarstead, there's a lil bridge there... Cross the river on your own risk... Shiver & Fear await you on the path trough The Dead Forest.

There's a few new location to explore (a cemetry, a ruins, a sanctum and a doomstone) The mod include some new items, and a brend new Rottweiler dog model (as compagnion). Thanks to my good mate (SkyrimForDaWin).

I do suggest that you explore the forest at night to get the best atmosphere feeling of the mod.
You guy's will finally get a new spot to take some awesome screeshot (please upload them on the mod page).

All the new textures are from me... They are not ressources*** ***(contact me if you want to use something).
I created this mod as "a proof of concept". I always wanted to see this kind of forest in elder scrolls with no luck... So i created my own ! I hope you will like it, if you do, remember to endorse it !
Thanks to MMOxReview:

start at the 7minutes mark.

Thanks to Vengeance058:

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Manual install
1. Extract the files of this mod to a temporary location (you can use 7zip:, to unzip them) and chek the folder structure.
2. Copy to (install folder)\Skyrim\Data\:
.- the Meshes folder
.- the Textures folder
.- the .esp if there is one in the mod.
If asked if you want to overwrite existing files say "Yes to all".

Not aplicable at this time.

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1. Delete:
.- the folder \meshes\that you have previously installed.
.- the folder \Textures\that you have previously installed.
.- the .esp if there is one in the mod.


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You can find me on Nexus as: Reaper9111
You can email me IF i don't reply to your message on Nexus: [email protected]

Reaper9111 (myself)
Nexus Modding community
Creation Kit

Tools Used
NIFSkope -
7zip -

The Assets (meshes & Textures) include in the files are NOT ressources, (Unless you contact me to use something)
If you would like to use some of them, Contact me first !
Contact me for anything directly related to this mod.
Remember to ENDORSE the mod if you like it !