Fort Heljarchen by AlphaJoe
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Added: 26/01/2013 - 06:12AM
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Last updated at 2:26, 3 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 6:12, 26 Jan 2013

Tranforms boring old Heljarchen Hall, into a sprawling massive Fort, with Heljarchen Hall at the Heart of it. It is a WIP and I'm currently in the process of adding alot more NPCs to fill out the mass amount of building I've done.

Fort Features include:
-The Fox in the Fort Pub & Rest offering an assortment of Tamriels finest Meads
-Pub Manager and Local Merchant, Aada, will be happy to buy anything you've got for sale
-Mammoth Farm, complete with Tame/Friendly Mammoths, comes with Large Cheese Supply
-Hidden Cave
-Mercenary Guards
-Guard House
-Residence Area for Future Inhabitants
-Watch Towers
-Extensive Lighting

Have had it on Steam from the get go, and have been building it step by step, so as to seem like the Dragonborn was building this fort on top of what was once as Old Fort. Now on Nexus, you guys get a much more finished product out of the box. Hope you and your family enjoy the added security!

None of this Purchaseable or Buildable content, like Hearthfire. Once you install the mod, the Fort is there. I will consider making it purchaseable and buildable once I'm done, and if I can learn how obviously.

This is my first upload to Nexus, so please feel free to let me know if I've messed up somewhere along the way. Suggestions for additions are welcome!