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Adds Fully Animated Bound Armor

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Ever feel like the conjuration school was missing something? For example you can summon weapons, and allies for offense, but what about defense? This mod aims to fix that.

With this mod you can now summon full sets of Bound armor. There have been a couple of mods before that allowed you to equip armor via spell, but this mod is more than that. The Bound Armors you conjure, will have many unique properties.

*Armor will have animated flames similar to bound weapons

*Armor will be transparent similar to bound weapons

*Armor features custom meshes, making it a unique set

*Armor's conjuration spell will feature all the normal casting effects, meaning you won't just "hotkey" equip it, it's apperance will by masked be the spells special effects.

Remember this is "bound" armor, and Is transparent, normally, if the mesh was transparent, you would see right through your character. This mod stacks the meshes on top of your existing armor/clothes. This keeps the armor "ghostly" and your character solid. Since you basically have two armor meshes on, some clipping will occur. This Mage armor mesh was built specifically for use with the games default Mage Robes. I recommend using them, as clipping is almost non-existant. The Heavy armor mesh was designed with Ebony armor in mind, but due to it's size, it works well with almost all heavy armors. You can wear any armor/clothes, modded or standard, but some clipping may be visable.

*And best of all...the armor will not unequip your currently equiped items.

Video Reviews

I'd like to says thank you to everyone who took time to make these videos, if you like these videos please support the authors by rating or subscribing. One thing to note, all the videos above are reviews of older versions of the mod, many feature/issues have since changed.

Big thanks to fire3lf for this video, this will help anyone having trouble with the mini-quest. So if you're stuck and the cheaters.txt didn't help, this is for you. Don't watch if you don't want spoilers

Feedback is welcome. I will be updating this mod by it. So feel free to post your suggestions reguarding balance issues in the comments.

Many changes have already been made as a direct result of user submited Feedback:

*Lower Armor rating

*Higher Spell cost and class

*Removing of Armor images from inventory

*Changes to Armor's Enchantment

*Added compatability with Mage Armor Perk

*Decreased skill leveling

*Changes to slot useage for compatability


Armor Stats:

Armor Rating 99 (44 base for Heavy)

Enchantment Increases Magicka by 50/50% faster Magicka Regeneration

As of version 3.0 the spell must be obtained through an unmarked mini quest. To get started vist Farengar's office in DragonsReach, and read his Journal/Notes. This quest is very lore friendly and cryptic, but fairly easy to complete if you read the journal closely. I have posted a .txt file with spoilers for those wanting instant action. Please do not post spoilers, or questions reguarding the mini quest in the comments section.

Big Thanks to ErikRedbeard for helping me with slot compatability
Thanks to 3jiou for helping me with spell classes
Thanks to Garryg for allowing me to use textures from his Daedric improvment mod.
And Big Thanks to SkyrimBound6, he created the scripts used in this mod.

Fine Print:
*Always backup your saves, when there are scripts involved. However this mod has been tested by thousands of users, and so far no reports of save coruption. Note: CTD when casting Bound Sword, is a well documented glitch in default Skyrim, (caused by save corruption) and not caused by this mod.

*In order to get extra slots to appear in 1st person view, a simple race edit is required. All deafult races have been pre-modded, however some mods which alter/add races will need patched, if you're using a mod that needs patched, you can request a patch from the mod's author, or patch the .esp yourself (it's one simple click in creation kit,) the slot used in 1st person view is 51. I have posted a screen showing how in the images section. Note: as of version 4.0 this mod contains a fix for the mounted combat bug when using modded races, If you're using another race mod that needs the slots patched, it will need this patched as well.

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