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Taking screenshots is easily my favorite thing to do in Skyrim. Unlike so many other games, in Skyrim it's easy to disable the HUD, enable the flycam and play around with FoV. After spending months and months looking for the perfect ENB and coming so close with a few (Unbleak and Enhanced Shaders FX) I decided to try making my own. I started with Skyrim Enhanced Shaders FX as a base and went from there. Please keep in mind this is a beta. There is a lot of work to do still. Please send me feedback!! I can't improve it if I don't know what's wrong!

-The goal of this ENB is to have solid, noticeable colors that aren't over saturated and without excessively high contrast.

-This ENB does shoot for realism with things like vegetation and skin tone but doesn't mind having a bit of fun with some of the prettier settings like the Aurora and various lighting settings.

-Being a big screenshooter, visual fidelity is more important to me than frame rate and playability. This will cut your FPS nearly in half. If there is enough demand I will release a less demanding version. In the meantime disabling reflections in the enbseries.ini will really help increase performance.


-I'm building this ENB around Climates of Tamriel with default settings except for warm interiors.

-ENB .139 is REQUIRED and can be found here: I'd like to support new versions of the ENB mod but that's completely dependent upon how much interest there is. ENB settings tend to change quite a bit between releases so I would strongly recommend using .139 and nothing newer or older. This mod is currently being updated for the .157 binaries.


-Download and install ENBseries version .139 (In the process of updating the mod for .157)

-Download this mod

-Place the archive in the folder with your Skyrim game launchers

-Extract the file. Overwrite everything.



-Credit for core technology goes to Boris Vorontsov, creator of the AMAZING ENBseries - see for details. Boris deserves your praise and money!!

-Add-On Effects Framework credit goes to Xorchan! Thanks a million! :)

-Credit to Opethfeldt for setting up the day/night separations in the enbeffect.fx file! Thanks a million!

-Credit to MGE for the custom sunglare texture!

-This ENB is based off of tapioks Skyrim Enhanced Shaders FX - ENB

-If you upload screenshots using my ENB I ask that you credit me.