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This mod comes with MANY followers. The guards are placed all throughout Whiterun and just outside of Whiterun in the "Dovahkiin Guard Barracks" wearing Blades or Ebony armor and have an Ebony sword. The Elite are level 50 and the normal guards are level 25.


Update 1.1
-The guards do not flee from battle when they are not following you.
- The Elites are more aggressive.

Update 1.2
- All guards are now kill-able.
- A new house outside of Whiterun called “Dovahkiin Guard Barracks” This is located right next to the Whiterun Stables.
- New Dovahkiin guard with name that is able to be married (located in guard barracks). Her name is Commander Thales.
- Two more Dovahkiin guards standing outside “Dovahkiin Guard Barracks”.

Dovahkiin Guard Barracks Contents:
- Tanning Rack
- Alchemy Table
- Enchanting Table
- Three Beds
- Chests
- Forge
- Blacksmith

Update 1.3
- Added More Dovahkiin guards in barracks
- Added commander Ghashnar
- Added torches and chandeliers
- Added Bear head on wall
- Added shackles
- Added note
- Added food and candles
- Fixed door bug

Update 1.4
- Added NavMesh to barracks
- Added Blacksmith vendor to barracks

Update 1.5
- Added a court yard outside of the barracks
- Fixed pale face bug
- Added rugs
- Added Bannister

Update 1.6
- Added Dovahkiin Guard Barracks Jail
- Added key in a dresser in the office of the jail
- Added book

Update 1.7
- NavMesh problems fixed! Followers may now move throughout
the Dovahkiin Barracks and Jail.

Update 1.7.5
- I have fixed the water over Whiterun for the people who have that bug.

Update 1.8
- Added a storage room in the jail. (The armor and weapons on the racks in the photos are not included)
- Added better lighting
- Added jail guard

Update 1.9
- Small bug fixes

Update 2.0
- Added Dovahkiins Cabin next to the Dovahkiin Guard Barracks
- Lighting fixes
- Minor furniture changes

Update 2.1
- Better lighting in the Dovahkiin Barracks (Suggested by you guys)

Known Bugs:
- Lighting bug in the jail
- Hodling the vendor/blacksmith may not sell items


- What main city would you like to see next?
- Would you like a different armor instead of the Blades?