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Inpou by Neo

Author : Meister aka Neovinci

by BDMods (Youtube-BDMods) / Preykousis (Youtube-LiveStyleGaming)

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Thanks youtubers!!!


Add new ancient Egyptian style Armours in your game.

Usually Inpou(Inpu),a God of ancient Egyptian religion will be known as Anubis, the Greek name.

-Heavy and Light type Armours for Male and Female characters.

-The Poach containing these armours located near by front Entrance of Bleak Falls Barrow.

-You can't craft these Armours at any forge.

-But You can temper these with Glass(for light armour) or Ebony(for heavy armour) Perks.

-CBBE and UNP support for female characters.

-CBBE type outfits have custom shaped body, I made, therefore it has possibility clipping issue happen when you mixed to other armour/clothings.

Current version - V1.10

Game version V1.8 required

There is possibility contorted unnaturally with some active poses.

Use 7z tool, Unzip and Drag into DATA folder where your Skyrim is installed.


Have an exciting journey in Skyrim.


Location : In a Pouch, Front of Bleak Falls Barrow Entrance.(as screenshot)

Requirement : Calientes Female Body (for CBBE users -

Requirement : DIMONIZED UNP female body (for UNP users -



thanks to

Bethesda for this wonderful land.

Caliente for nice CBBE Female Body

dimon99 for DIMONIZED UNP female body

Ekmmk4 for very Nice Images

Blender developers

Members of 'NAVER ElderScrolls7' cafe for useful tips and tutorials

Members of 'Naver Escroll' cafe

TESNEXUS Staff membership and many Nexus friends


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