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A simple and efficient autoloot system with a MCM menu. Kill and be paid instantly...

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New ! Spanish Translate thanks xlwarrior : Nexus Page

You have a previous version :
Delete all of this, if you still have this file (NexusModManager should remove it) :
in Data/scripts :


Don't worry about next update you will not have to do this anymore.

If you encounter some trouble, or menu not showing please try to make a clean save before installing
(Delete all the mod files, launch and save the game without the mod, then install it and launch this save)

Video Demonstration:

Version 2.2 requested new features (Autoloot on activation & option for effects) :

Update history :
Version 2.2
Added option for autoloot on activation.
Added option for choosing size of the particle effect or get rid of it.
Removed bad textures on the chest.
Removed one useless script and some lines codes.
Mod resources is now packed on a ".bsa" archive.

MAGIC CHEST ! The Kace Auto loot chest ! ( BETA )

Drop it to open it.

You are now able to choose exactly what you want for autoloot, Just put this ingredient you need for creating your potion or this misc item that is not "categorised" or any others item in the game and you will never miss the chance to loot it !

IMPORTANT !!! BETA Feature :

It seems that the chest completly disapear if there not enough space to spawn it, so open it only when you are in a "large" area (large is a big word, just be sure to have enough space for the chest to spawn in front of you)

The chest save the "Base" of the object you give it. That mean if you put in a modified item, you will lost the modification on your object. It will give you back the same object without your customized enchanting !

!!! Dont put in something you really dont want to lose !!!

!!! Never put in something you created, modified, enchanted ! ( Never ! ) !!!

Please take care !

I was feeling tired to check every dead body for finding money and arrows and sometimes i can do an entire cave/dungeon without checking anything but the big boss. In this way i know i let lot of money or arrows back, and i think its the same for everyone.

So, i created this mod for my personal use, as this was very usefull, then i decided to work more on it, create a mcm menu and add some options for the release..

Kace auto loot let you choose what you want for auto looting or you can completly disable it at any time.


Use Nexus Manager or Extract the .ESP and Scriptsfolder to your Skyrim Data folder.

This mod dont need anything to work, but if you want the menu you need the SKSE and SkyUI (version 3.1 and more).

If you want the menu and you dont have SKSE and SkyUI, Install in this order :

SKSE : Website link
SkyUI : Nexus Page
and, Kace Auto Loot

If you dont have Skse and SkyUI you cant use the menu. The mod still work properly without and you can activate what you want for autoloot with 2 simples console commands :

1 - Type "Help KCL 3" (without quotes) for the complete variables list for this mod and to see what is enabled or not.

2 - Then, if you want to disable KCLMoney for example, type "Set KCLMoney to 0".
Type "Set KCLMoney to 1" if you want to enable it. 0 Means disabled, 1 is enabled.
Dont Mind about the command "KCLValue" it was for future implementing but actually not working !