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A very small mod for a very small purpose.

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This mod is for those who cares for wearing their equipment. Its still not race-friendly and this can still be done with console alone.

Beta: Uses only external temptress(UNP) race and succubus(UNP) race to switch bodies.
U1: Succubus Race removed. Replaced with CBBE Human Vanilla Races. Turning into vampire with the disease still require console for now.
U2: Added ADEC Human Vanilla Races.
U3: Remove Temptress Race. Added UNP Human Vanilla Races.
U3Update: Added UNPB Human Vanilla Races.
U4Update: Added CBBEv3m Human Vanilla Races.
U5Update: Added CHSBHC Human Vanilla Races.
U6Update: This mod is now revamped.
- Added SevenBase Human Vanilla Races.
- Added Elves CBBE and UNP Races.
- Added Built-in Vampire Compatibility for races of different bodies.
- Added customization of up to 100 types of bodies per race.
- Added customization of adding up different bodies for custom races.
- Uses .esm file now due to customization reasons.
Modder's update: Made a readme for those who wants to add custom bodies for vanilla races.

This very small mod is my way of wearing different bodies of equipment sets in game. It uses a spell that allows you to switch your body. In the spell: It checks whether you are a vampire and lets you change bodies according. "Revert" means to change your race back to the original. For now, not all options in the spell are working, only bodies added from the updates are working.

Console codes for getting the spell(only way to get it):

XX000D64 - Spell Name: Body Change

Mod requirements:
None Now.

-I STILL don't know why the non vamp races all have the same color when switched to those races. Human colored orcs is notable but not the orc vampire. Feel free to help it by commenting thanks.
- Body parts might appear missing sometimes when using XPMSE or XPMS, restart game/re-enable this mod if that happens.
- Beast races not done yet. Elves may have texture problems.
- Sadly i cant bring the animations of the BBP in yet. So do not expect much from the CHSBHC body now except able to wear the armor made from it D: .I probably need FNIS.
- Vampire compatibility not tested with other vampire mods yet .

Downsides of this mod:
Your Powers and active effects will be slightly messed up.

I will no longer be adding more bodies in since i added customization.
Bodies without physics will be done first.
Anyone knows links of textures with the correct race colors?
Comment if any problems.
Updates (looking from contents in comments) would be coming bit by bit.
UPDATE: Any mod support needed? Comment.