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Added: 24/01/2013 - 11:21AM
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This mod adds the Charcani to the race choice at the start of the game(or showracemenu). The Charcani are a race of man that dwelled in a underland underneath the land itself deeper then most dwemer ruins reach and are thought to have existed before them to which all knowledge lost with the destruction of there main city Magmar, The Charcani also used a unique form of smelting and creating arms and iron using the very magma that dwelled on there underlands which also caused thier skin to evolve a grey or blacker tint like that of charcoal giving them a resistance to the magma heat around them and a resistance to the cold due to the skin texure being stronger then most other races. It is only recently that Charcani appeared above land again since the First Era one of which lays at the excecutioners stead.

Skill bonuses
?+10 Heavy Armor (level 25)
?+10 Smithing (level 25)
?+5 Destruction (level 20)
?+5 Alteration (level 20
?+5 One-handed (level 20)

Starting spells
?Flames (Destruction). All races start with this particular spell.
?Healing (Restoration). Most races start with this particular spell.

Special abilities
?Fortify Health: Passively increases health by 25 points.
?Resistance: Passive increase to Fire and Frost resistance is increased by 25%, while shock resistance is lowered by 25%.

How to install:
Install the file and copy/cut it into the Skyrim Data file
Or use the Nexus Mod Manager that should work

Mod does not require Dawnguard

I dont know if this is a bug to my mod or what but showracemenu from another race and then turning Vampire Lord and reverting will turn back into your original race.
I also dont know if they give off a vampire look or not as didnt have enough material to test them with so someone please check that for me and message me if they dont work vampiricly and if so please tell me how to fix that >.<

Future Updates:
May add another mod with Charcani charaters or followers.
Will add more Lore if successful with people.
Plans to add a Charcani follower with dragonborns release so he/she can use bonemold or heavy chitin armor due to they look awesome on xbox!.

Update 2:
Fixed a big creation kit bug cause where it caused the skin tones to be stuck on just common Breton and remove all custom skin tones from the kit so had to redo them.
Fixed another few spelling mistakes and a shock resistance problem.
Update 1.5:
Added more to the nexus page.
Removed a skill and added more onto another.
Added a weakness to try and balance out his double resistance gain.
Fixed the name missing letters.
Added another shade of grey skin to choose from.
Fixed a Presets issue.