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Adds trees and plants to Skyrim cities.

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City Trees & Plants adds trees and plants to Whiterun, Solitude and Windhelm. Whiterun looks and feels empty compared to the other cities. For whatever reason hardly any trees was added. This mod fixes that and makes Whiterun feel full of life.

Windhelm has very little room to add many trees but i added where there was room. Same goes for Solitude as it was decorated fairly well and i just added to the emptiness.

The original file does not overdo it with the adding of trees and plants. It adds just enough to make it feel right. Also, I realize there is many mods on Nexus that already adds trees to Whiterun and other cities, but I couldn't find one that suited my taste. A-lot of them have clipping issues through houses and such. There is no clipping issues in this mod.

I did not touch Riften as it has plenty of trees and plants already. Same goes for Markarth.

If you like this mod, please endorse.


Lush version adds a considerable amount of trees and plants to Whiterun and Solitude. Windhelm and possibly other cities is on the to do list.

Optional green and brown clean path grass textures for Whiterun.

Known Issues

Nothing is broken and nothing was touched other than adding the vegetation. So no worries, this mod is 100% clean.

Could cause some fps loss as there is more to load. I didn't notice any loss, however if your rig is weak you might.

I noticed about a 5fps loss using the lush version.


Could conflict with other mods that add trees or modifies the cities. For instance, like adding buildings or changing the layout of the cities. Other than that, nothing.

Load Order
It doesn't really matter where you put it.


Use Nexus Mod Manger (Recommend).
To manually install unpack to your data directory, usually located in your steam directory.

To uninstall just reverse.

Current Version =1.1

1.1 - Added lush version & Grass textures.
1.0 - Added original CTP.