Nordic Trollbone Armor by GatorMarine by commieanarko1986
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Updated: 28/01/2013 - 12:02AM

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Last updated at 0:02, 28 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 5:49, 24 Jan 2013

Version 0.2 is now live! Beast races can now use this armor (both of these are in their first version, let me know of any bugs or issues you find if there are any) and Trollbone Boots have been added!
-Added Trollbone Boots
-Added Beast race functionality
-Added weight slider functionality
-Added Troll Femur to Troll Death Items
-Randomized Troll Death Items
-Revised Tempering recipes (instead of needing a whole new Troll Skull to temper the helm, you now need Bone Meal and Troll Fat)

Female version is still on hold for the time being!

Post pics and don't forget to endorse if you like the progress!

Although I've never played Morrowind all the way through, I've always wanted to see more mods connecting the worlds of TES:III, IV, and V aesthetically. The lack of Ice armor (which is being remedied by Dragonborn), Ringmail, and the Skaal armor from Bloodmoon always bugged me, for example. Well, I've taken a step to fix at least one of the things that I felt was missing from a Nord-centered game.

The armor is craftable at a forge (I may change this to tanning rack, let me know what you think) with Leather, Leather Strips, a Troll Skull, Troll Ribs, Troll Hands, and a Troll Femur. The ribs, hands, femur, and skull are now part of the loot you can get from Trolls. The armor set currently has Gauntlets, Cuirass, boots, and Helmet.

As long as the other mod doesn't alter the loot for Trolls, this mod is compatible.

Future Plans:
I intend to do boots, but since Morrowind didn't have boots, I haven't yet decided on a look for them. I am also looking at adding the Troll's claws to the Gloves. Once Dragonborn is released, I intend on doing a version based on the Skaal clothes. If you have any ideas / suggestions, please let me know!

Thanks / Permissions:
Special thanks goes out to hothtrooper44 for letting me use the gauntlets from the excellent Hoth follower mod:
Thanks also to tlrd for helping identify and kill some clipping issues.
And yet more thanks go out to VectorPlexus, Ragicka, hardarg, and Werne for taking the time to help me figure out weight slider issues!

A Note to Users:
Please give me feedback in the comments section to let me know what issues you're finding. It's also nice to get compliments!

If you want your textures to look like mine, you'll have to get the official HD textures pack and use the aMidianBorn fur textures.

Mods Used in Screenshots:
Alternate Start - Live Another Life by Arthmoor

aMidianBorn Book of Silence by CaBaL

Ethereal Elven Overhaul by nuska

Beards by Hvergelmir

Hoth by hothtrooper44