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Added: 24/01/2013 - 04:04AM
Updated: 24/01/2013 - 04:55AM

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Last updated at 4:55, 24 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 4:04, 24 Jan 2013

Essential Lydia

I apologize for the lack of a file after this went live. I didn't realize that I neglected to upload it. Both current versions (the original Ebony+Essential mod) and the OP (Daedric+tank-y buffs) are now up.

Please share any screens you take with this mod. I haven't been using Lydia as a follower much in my last few saves, and would like to see some combat action for this mod.

I created this mod for everyone who is sick and tired of having Lydia die horribly at the hands of a group of bandits or Draugr. I also upgraded her armour from the basic steel that she normally wears, to a much more resilient ebony set. I can make a default armour version if it is requested. If you use this in another mod, please give credit.

I plan on further tweaks, possibly creating a ridiculous OP version (optional) and a slightly buffed version (current). I will consider requests for armor sets and combat tweaks, but I WILL NOT make a "sexy Lydia" mod. Nexus is already full of those and I find them unnecessary. If that's your style, I can give you tips on how to make it happen, but I won't make one myself.

Change log:

- Set Lydia as essential
- Set default armour to ebony
- Set default sword to ebony 1h

V1.0.1 - Lydia OP Tank
- Daedric Armour & weapon
- health boost

- No known bugs yet