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The Ideal Masters of the Soul Cairn seek to raise an army of undead crystal dragons to collect souls to feed their hunger. Grown from crystals and gems these dragons possess unique power in their skulls.
With lairs scattered around Skyrim they are ready to attack Tamriel. Can you stop this menace before it is too late ?
It is said that if all skulls are collected entrance to a secret sanctuary is granted. Inside is rumored to be a golden crystal throne. Can you defeat the dragons and collect the skulls ? Can you claim the golden throne ? Be wary adventurer your soul is at stake.

A quest to find the enchanted dragon skulls but you have to take them from the dragon itself. Each crystal skull has an enchantment, you wear them like jewelry but do not see them when equipped. There are a few copies of a book at High Hrothgar with the story. There are map markers for the dragon lairs shown.

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