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"Some may call this junk. Me, I call them treasures."
A little mod made with the Creation Kit

Now you can smelt iron stuff like pots, kettles, tankards, flagons, lanterns, woodcutter's axes, pickaxes tongs, shovels, tongs, hammers and clothes irons into iron ingots.

FIRST AND FOREMOST you must smelt all these into clothes irons. It's the closest thing that seems like a lump of scrap iron.
Heavy shovels and kettles are smelted directly to iron ingots.
You must smelt flagons into tankards Then smelt tankards to get iron ingots or if you don't have enough of them smelt them to clothes irons.

If you have version 1.0 or 1.1 uninstall it.

Version 1.0
Smeltable pots, kettles, clothes irons, tankards and lanterns in combinations.

Version 1.1
Added smeltable flagons, woodcutter's axes, pickaxes, tongs, shovels and hammers.
All these and the previous are melted down to clothes irons and then to iron ingots.
Increased base damage to pickaxes and woodcutter's axes to 8 and 10 respectively and changed their weight to 6.

Version 1.2
Corrected the clothes irons smelted from woodcutters axes to 2.

I've taken into account the weight values of the mod \"Skyrealism-Mass and Materials\" that I use.
Here is the link:

Manual Installation (Gopher\'s way):

Go to NMM and click on add mod from file (the puzzle bit with the plus sign button at the upper left corner). Find the folder where you've put the downloaded .rar file (preferably a SkyrimMods folder), click on it and then click Open. Then activate. Run the Installer of TESVSkyrim and then hit play.
If you have skse installed, rather than hit play, exit the installer and double click the skse.exe.

Thanks to bethesda for this epic game and to the release of the creation kit.
Thanks to all the modders who inspired me to start modding too,
especialy to Gopher whose method of installation of the compressed files in NMM has been a real lifesaver and also for the instructions of how to install the SKSE. All these are explained in his videos.

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