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This mod aims to correct a glaring oversight in Vanilla Skyrim's Marriage
system by allowing you to divorce and remarry without adding a bunch of other stuff.

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This mod is no longer supported.  It should still work with standard Skyrim, but I won't be doing any further updates or porting it to SSE.  If you're looking for a more up-to-date marriage mod I suggest checking out

Marriage Mod - To Have and to Hold by JoeThinkStudios and Marty114
Or any of the many other mods that come up in a search for "marriage".

If anyone wishes to update this mod or use parts of it for their own mod, you are free to do so as long as no money is charged / it is not for business purposes.  Script sources are available in the Loose Files download.  The only other thing I ask is that credit be given where due.  


A Simple Marriage Mod

This mod aims to correct a glaring oversight in Vanilla Skyrim's Marriage system without adding a bunch of other stuff.

-What It Does-
Simply put, it allows you to divorce your current spouse through a dialogue option (with a confirmation) and re-marry to any Vanilla marriageable candidate.
It also automatically divorces you if your spouse happens to die, so you're no longer forced to live the rest of your life as a lonely old widow/er.

-What It Doesn't-
It doesn't let you marry 200 people at the same time, it doesn't change the marriageable state of any NPC's, and it doesn't do any other... wierder stuff that some Marriage mods do.

*Now featured on GEMS!*

v. 1.7
- Added a clean uninstall! Stop all quests and scripts by typing "setstage SMMHandlerQuest 30" in the console.
- Fixed an issue where the Maintenance call could fail on load and spit something into the log due to a property not filling.
v. 1.6
- If your spouse died before installing, SMM should now divorce you automatically the first time you load it!
- Fixed issue with divorced spouses in PotentialFollowerFaction still not being hireable.
- Some issues with 1.5 on non-HF setups mean I've gone back to separate versions. They're both included in the archive, please load ONLY ONE.
v. 1.5
- Near complete rebuild. Same mod should work equally well with or without Hearthfires DLC.
- Fixes issues with divorce quest aliases not filling, should fix issues with the quest getting "stuck".
- Divorcees who belong to the PotentialFollowerFaction will now still be hireable after divorce.
v. 1.1b
- Cleaned up scripting and added separate .esp for better compatibility with Hearthfire.
v. 1.0b
- Initial release.


-Getting Divorced-
Simply speak to your spouse and select the "I want a divorce" dialogue option. After you confirm that you want a divorce, your former spouse will make his/her way back to their default area, but be forwarned:


They will then no longer be so friendly, either.

-My Spouse Died!-
No Worries! This mod should automatically process the death as a divorce and free you to remarry, even if they died before you installed this mod.

-Getting Hitched... Again-
If after your divorce you find yourself wanting to marry someone else, travel to the church in Riften and speak with Maramel. He'll sell you another amulet, and you're good to go!

**Must be loaded after "Specialized Followers" or the proper dialogue options won't appear.**
Otherwise, I suggest loading this mod before any companion-type mods like UFO, BDO or EFF.
As far as I know this mod is compatible with any mod that doesn't change the Marriage system. Tested and working with: Dawnguard, Dragonborn, Hearthfires, UFO, Better Horses, and My Home is Your Home.

Confirmed clean with TESVEdit.

Select either "01 - Non-HF" if you don't have Hearthfires DLC installed, or "02 - Hearthfires" if you do have it, and drop the contents of the selected folder directly into your Data folder, overwriting as necessary. Activate "A Simple Marriage Mod.esp" in your favorite load ordering program and enjoy!

**As of Version 1.5, the Clean Save procedure should no longer be necessary when updating.**

Simply drag and drop the contents of the archive into your data folder, overwriting as necessary. If updating from a Loose Files version to the BSA, remove the following old scripts from your Data Folder:

\Seq\A Simple Marriage Mod.seq


-BSA: For cleanest uninstall, open the console by pressing "~" and type "setstage SMMHandlerQuest 30" [enter]. Then save and exit. Delete the .esp along with the matching .BSA and .BSL in your Data folder.

-Loose Files: For cleanest uninstall, open the console by pressing "~" and type "setstage SMMHandlerQuest 30" [enter]. Then save and exit. Delete the .esp along with the following files in your Data folder:

\Seq\A Simple Marriage Mod.seq

Or if you use Mod Organizer just uncheck the mod in the Left pane, right-click and "Remove Mod".

- SMM would occasionally spit something about "calling Maintenance on a none object" into the Papyrus Logs. Though it had no practical effect on the mod, it should now be fixed in v1.7.
- If your spouse dies before you add this mod, the mod won't "fix" it. (Fixed 1.6)
- Your spouse may still have their shop set up after divorce (Fixed 1.6).
- Spouses who were potential followers may no longer want to follow after divorce. (Should be fixed 1.6)
- Immediately after getting divorced your spouse may hang around the house for a while, but will eventually leave.

- elite403, for help troubleshooting and awesome suggestions!
- Bethesda, for the game.