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Gives the option to retrieve/store crafting materials when the crafting menu opens. Requires SkyUI 3.1 and SKSE.

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NOTE: Requires SkyUI 3.1 and SKSE.
Crafting Chest Extension (CCE) gives you the option to retrieve/store crafting materials when you activate crafting furniture such as the forge or workbench. This means no more running back and forth to chests and houses. I know there are other mods that also try to address this issue but i think that this way is the most convenient by far.

Materials are taken and returned to the breezehome bedroom chest so CCE will check that you have the breezehome key before working. The chest can be used as normal, it's just the container i decided to use.

I know this system could be open to abuse by allowing you to unload materials from anywhere in the game so I’ve added a location check option in MCM so it only works in the main towns.

Support for Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLC's

If you find any bugs leave a comment and I’ll try to fix them. Source is included in bsa. Suggestions will be considered but no promises. Please endorse if you like this mod. Thanks!

Check out this excellent video by insane0hflex / svaalbard if you would like to see the mod in action. CCE featured @0:57.


  • Enable / Disable Crafting Chest Extension (CCE)
  • Retrieve and Store crafting materials when the crafting menu opens.
  • Option to Include / Exclude firewood (useful for Frostfall)
  • Enable location check so mod only works in Player locations :
  • Vanilla - Riverwood, Whiterun, Windhelm, Riften, Markarth, Solitude, Dawnstar and Falkreath. (Winterhold and Morthal have no forge so I left these out)
    Dawnguard DLC - Fort Dawnguard & Castle Volkihar
    Hearthfire DLC - Manor locations
    Dragonborn DLC - Raven Rock & Skaal Village
  • Manual Initialization - If for any reason you feel that CCE has stopped working
  • MCM Chest select for Hearthfire homes - Picking a chest you don't have access to will still work you just won't be able to access your materials directly.


The mod is triggered when the crafting menu is opened so should be compatible even with mods that add new furniture or use their own crafting menus like frostfall. It may however not be compatible with breezehome mods that change or remove the bedroom chest.


Due to the way the mod works it does have a few limitations
  • When retrieving materials from the workbench or grinding wheel you will still not be able to craft. Simply exit the menu without storing all your materials and activate the furniture again.
  • Option appears for all crafting i.e. Alchemy, Cooking etc. even though these items are not supported. (Since this mod was only made mainly for my own use, I will not be implementing ingredients and food unless there is popular demand)


Use NMM or extract to Data folder.


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