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Last updated at 11:50, 22 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 11:49, 22 Jan 2013

This mod is designed to make bound weapons viable for pure mages on master difficulty and match the strength of legit min/maxed equivalents. Bound weapons now scale with conjuration and are not affected by onehanded/twohanded/bow skill or perks or enchants.

Legit: The maximum achievable stats without using the restoration bug, falmer helmet bug or Necromage vampire bug.

Min/Max basis:

Alchemy Gear 4x 29% = Enchanting Potion 32%
Onehand/Bow/Twohand Enchant = 47% x 4
5 Perk points in base damage skill = 100%
100 skill points in relevant skill = 1.5x multiplier

Based on the above the following dragon bone weapons can be achieved:

Sword = 527 damage
Two Handed Axe = 622 Damage
Bow = 570 damage

Bound Weapon Changes:

-Bound Weapons Scale with Conjuration
-Mystic binding still provides approximately a 50% dmg increase.
-Bound Weapons with 100 conjuration and Mystic Binding are now on par with their min maxed equivalents.

What this means?

You can now play a mage character and enchant/perk to suit a mage whilst still being able to make decent use of bound weapons.

Known Issues:
- Sneak perks which increase the damage multiplier of sneak attacks will not affect bound weapons, however sneak attacks made with bound weapons still benefit from the normal (unperked) sneak multipliers.


This mod is intentionally made to match the power of min/maxed gear. If you feel this is overpowered, don't use it.

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