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Did you ever wanted a House where you can add and display weapons and armor, and have a tight organized space for you and your items. Well now that is possible. I use many player house mods since I started playing Skyrim, but a downside to them was that i never had enough mannequins or display cases and racks to admire my loot, so I made my own mod to suit my needs. If you happen to like it, endorse it and maybe recommend it to a friend.

This is not perfect, you may still find some graphical bugs here and there, there are no scripts involved, except for the Vanilla ones and the Mannequins kind of move sometimes. Also the lighting might also fail in some corners of the main cell. Keep in mind that this is my first mod and that I will try to correct any mistakes you guys find by exploring the surroundings. This is not a mod for everyone, since I made it more to resemble a Museum / Hall of Valor rather than just a simple house. Besides, this isn't even your house, or a player house, but you are allowed to reside in it until the former owner "returns".

Just paste the content of the archive in you Skyrim folder, or just use the Mod Manager for an easy and fast install.

It's easy, just go left/west of Whiterun until you see a Big Tree and you also have a map marker to find it easier.

I couldn't find any incompatibility between my mod any other mods so far, but I'm still testing. If you guys find something wrong be sure to leave a comment so I can investigate.

If by any chance you have a less stronger PC, I recommend using the "pcb" command (without the quotes ["]) inside a cell, in other words a cave/house/etc, so you can free some of that cache the game is storing up. Of course this might result in a reset of the mannequins that will unequip the items you have stored on them so you will have to retrieve and add the items again so they can equip it back on. I know it sucks, but it's the safest way there is so far.

A full report of bugs and errors is added in the "Read Me" text file of the archive.

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