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Adds some cool features from dark souls such as bonfires, estus flasks, Humanity, Fire Keepers, and kindling!

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[size=15]DARK SOULS BONFIRES[/size]
[size=9]-----UPDATE 1.3.14159-----[/size]
-Redone Bonire Menu
-Kindling Now requires Humanity
-Health regeneration can be toggled on or off
-A warp button has been added to allow warping between bonfires
-Added Humanity as random loot, anything that can drop a soul gem has about a 1/4 chance to drop 1 Humanity instead
-Added the first Fire Keeper resembling Anastacia at Firelink/Can be found in Whiterun
-Added all 7 Fire Keeper Souls/They are held with 7 of the 8 (it's a riddle ;] )
-...Secret Rite is programmed in functionally but without a way to obtain it. (if you really wish to have it so soon you can type "help secret" in the the console and scroll up to find the item code for it.

---Bug I found---
For whatever reason I did run into a bug once where it didnt want to recognize my humanity while kindling, pretty sure its caused by updating the mod, a clean install would probably be fine. If it happens to you id recommend a complete restart by uninstalling the mod, loading the game, saving, reinstall, reload, and hopefully it would be fixed at that point. Dont really understand why it happened at all tho :/

If you like the mod feel free to comment and share opinions and tell your friends about it as well.

-----Recommended/Complementary Mods-----
-Dark Souls - Elite Knight Armor by Azraille
-Skyrim Hardcore - by Marmo1233

This Mod is pretty self explanatory, It adds 9 bonfires from Dark Souls into the game, located at the 9 major cities. When you go to the cities you'll have to find the bonfire marked with a camp symbol on the compass and it will be added to your map. There is a bottomless box at every bonfire and you can rest at these bonfires to restore health, stamina, and magicka; as well as cure diseases and poisons. You also can now spend dragon souls to kindle fires to increase the amount of estus flasks you can carry.

-----Update 1.2-----
-Fixed bug where sword would pop out of the bonfire
-Added a confirmation menu when kindling to stop accidents
-Lots of preliminary scripting for future updates

-----Update 1.1-----
[size=10]Bottomless Box[/size]
[size=10]Estus Flasks[/size]

-----Required: Nothing other than the esp and other files that come with it-----

-----Recommended: Dark Souls - Elite Knight Armor by Azraille-----
-This armor is fantastic and adds a bit of Dark Souls feel to the game.

-----Future Updates-----
-Firekeeper souls for reinforcing estus flasks
-Rite of kindling
-Fire Keepers

Note:This is my first mod and I'm sure it's pretty buggy but it's a really cool addition.