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Breezehome Collectibles


I always wanted a home where I could display Dragon Claws, Dragon Priest Masks and lots of other things I collected during my adventuring days. The best option was to add a basement, but most mods weren't compatible with the children's bedroom that Hearthfire adds.

I didn't want to have a huge mansion, so after a long search, I decided it was time to make it myself! And I succeeded

So I proudly present: The Breezehome Collectible mod

The items that you are able to display in your home are as follow:

  • Dragon Claws
  • Dragon Priest Masks (Both Skyrim and Dragonborn)
  • Thieves Guild trophies
  • Daedric Artifacts
  • Bugs in a jar
  • Wuuthrad and the Shield of Ysgramor
  • Paragons

Furthermore, this mod removes, adds and rearranges some things around Breezehome, only available when you purchase the upgrades from the steward at Dragonsreach.

Some prices for the upgrades are still the same, these will be increased in future updates.

Also, don't forget to endorse me if you like the mod, that way I stay motivated! :)

Version changes:

V1.1 (21 January 2013)
  • Firepit removed and replaced with a fireplace
  • Updated the lighting
  • Replaced the common double bed with a noble bed
  • Added the Dragon Priest Mask busts to Breezehome
  • Added activators to display the Dragon Claws

V1.2 (22 January 2013)
  • Added a bearpelt rug in front of the fireplace and placed the chairs and table next to it
  • Relocated the kitchen table, it now stands neatly in the corner
  • Relocated the Dragon Priest Mask busts to the other side of the room

V1.3 (28 January 2013)
  • Replaced the Golden and Jeweled trophies from the Thieves Guild with takeable items
  • Added 2 shelves and an end table to the living room (just across the fireplace) to display all the trophies and Larceny targets. (The Crown of Barenziah is not included)
  • Added a Thieves Guild banner above the end table

V1.31 (30 January 2013)
  • Fixed the remaining Thieves Guild trophy activators, they are all working now.

V1.4 (3 februari 2013)
  • Relocated the chandelier in the kitchen to the middle of the room
  • Added the bugs in a jar to the shelf above the fireplace
  • Replaced the table in the corner near the door for a replica of the statue of Ysgramor to display Wuuthrad and the Shield of Ysgramor
  • Added some clutter to the shelves, making the upgrades a bit more realistic
  • Changed the entry in the Decoration guide for Whiterun to a more accurate one

V1.41 (3 februari 2013)
  • Added some lighting to the statue of Ysgramor and changed the xmarker

V1.5 (5 februari 2013)
  • Removed the light-markers from the windows, since I've been starting to use the Realistic Lighting Overhaul mod
  • Made a .BSA file that should include the scripts for the activators, they should be working correctly now.

V1.6 (19 februari 2013)
  • Added the Dragonborn Masks to the bedroom

V1.61 (19 februari 2013)
  • Fixed the script for Miraak's mask, should work fine now!

V1.7 (3 march 2013)
  • Raised a beam near the frontdoor (it was hanging kinda low) and added another chandelier to add more lighting
  • Moved the chest from the bedroom to the livingroom, made it bigger. (This will become a storage place for all my books)
  • Replaced the wooden loft floor.
  • Replaced some of the roof parts, fixing the gaps that some parts contained
  • Replaced the beds of your children and housecarl to noble beds
  • Removed the takeable Thieves Guild trophies. They are takeable do to the Thieves Guild Treasure Fix mod I installed. This mod enables a takeable Crown of Barenziah too
  • Added the stand for the Crown of Barenziah, now available to display

V1.8 (19 march 2013)
  • Added display stands for all the daedric artifacts, both Azura's and the Black star are displayable
  • Rearranged the dragon claws to make place for the 2 halves of the Amethyst dragon claw from the Dragonborn DLC

V1.81 (20 march 2013)
  • Removed a dirty edit of Volendrung
  • Removed an activator for the golden claw that was placed double and wasn't working
  • Fixed the gap that appeared above the front door after replacing a part of the roof

V1.82 (26 april 2013)
  • Added .bsa files

V1.83 (2 may 2013)
  • fixed an error occuring with displaying Wuuthrad
  • Gone back to loose files instead of .bsa files

V1.84 (3 may 2013)
  • Fixed the activators for the Ring of Namira and Wuuthrad

V1.9 (17 August 2013)
  • Moved the dresser in the master bedroom
  • Added display pedestals for the Paragons
  • Fixed the Ebony Mails invisible barrier bug
  • Added the Paragons, now available to display

V1.91 (18 August 2013)
  • Replaced the dresser in the master bedroom with noble drawers
  • Replaced the Chest downstairs with a new chest: Chest of Books
  • Added a new chest upstairs in the bedroom: Chest of Clutter


Install this mod BEFORE you purchase the upgrades. It's even better to install it before you purchase Breezehome itself

Games and files needed to play this mod:
  • Skyrim
  • Update.esm
  • Dragonborn DLC (V1.6 and higher)
  • Heartfire DLC (V1.7 and higher)
  • Thieves Guild Treasure Fix (V1.7 and higher)
  • Dawnguard DLC (V1.9 and higher)

To install, simply unzip the file and place all the included files into your data folder.

Place this file at the bottom of your load order (ie loading last) to avoid incompatibilities with other mods and make sure it's checked

I advise you to use this with the Realistic Lighting Overhaul mod, mainly because it just looks great :) If you use the mod, be sure to use the Major Cities Interiors - No Homes version.

Also, it might come in handy to track my mod, so you will always know when the mod is updated again.

Latest Version (1.91) Notes

If you're upgrading from V1.9 to V1.91, make sure to empty the chest downstairs first. The chest is being replaced in V1.91 and all the items remaining in the chest will be gone forever

Known bugs:

  • None

  • Credits go to Sjogga, for helping me out with my scripting problems dozen of times! Also, thank you for letting me use the scrips you made
  • A big thanks to Brumbek, who edited the combat dummy mesh for me, so I could use it like an armor display
  • [*]I would also like to thank Tueffelachtein for making the Crown of Barenziah takeable