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Caius Cosades, an Imperial monk residing in Riverwood, is the Grand Spymaster of the Blades in Vvardenfell. He's a self-admitted skooma and moon sugar addict—that is, when someone who is not a Blade asks him. His underlings never mention a skooma problem, and the regular patrons of the South Wall Cornerclub have noticed that he holds his skooma better than even a Khajiit would. They have also noticed that people who judged him only on his appearance "aren't with us anymore".

As Grand Spymaster of the Blades, Caius Cosades is the most senior person in Vvardenfell in this organization, and will allow fellow members to use his bed for sleeping. After the quest Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophecies, Caius is recalled to the Imperial City and permanently disappears from the game.

He is found in the Riverwood inn!
he will level up with you to lvl 45 so he will not be overpowering.
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