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Last updated at 20:04, 23 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 21:29, 20 Jan 2013

A new...even way better ENB is on the way.
It is perfect and beats every other ENB in terms of balance.

Updated version 1.1 is here!
It all seems fluid and nice now. No bugs encountered anymore.

An overhaul of Skyrim graphics.
Pictures tell more then words, check screenshots first.

If you like awesome daytime, dark but playable nights, spooky dungeons, masses of eye candy and a perfect balance of realism and playability - GIVE this one a try.

You wont regret it!

Note that this ENB is meant to be played with the d3d9.dll of ENB vers 0.126 (see readme file).

0.132 might work too is not recommended though (check - ONLY ADD THE D3D9.DLL - do not overwrite) and the following lighting/gfx additions / mods:

- Official HighRes Texture pack + the fix
- Better dynamic snow

- !!!Enhanced Lights and FX
- !!!Realistic Lighting (classic preset, no bloom, rest checked on)

- Real rain
- Static Mesh Improvement
- Water REDUX
- Lush Grass
- Lush Trees

If your on screen results differ from the screens posted here, its not my fault ;-).
WARNING: Quite heavy on FPS
WARNING: Nothing is perfect

Shoutouts to BigSilverHotdog for BETA testing and redoing nighttimes.

This should pretty much be final now :-)