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Autumn Shire is cozy and realistic player house mod replacer of Drelas Cottage. The exterior of the house incorporates a large fenced "yard" with a small garden, woodcutting and a corresponding wood pile, outdoor smithing, including a smelter with all the appropriate storage and a complementary stone path to the main entrance. The location is accessible via a map marker which should activate upon installation of the mod and replaces the Drelas Cottage map marker just South of Morthal. Outside you will also find the hatch to the Basement/Armory. The interior of the Autumn Shire corresponds in shape and size to the exterior and holds a kitchen, fireplace, bed, dining table, alchemy and enchanting lab, wardrobe, book display, lounging area, and office all in small proportions.The basement, is a cozy underground three room open area for the storage of all you armors and weapons with simplicity in mind.

Alternatively, here is a list of the wonders included in each area..


Smelter, ore storage
Smithing work bench, ingot storage
Smithing wheel
Tanning rack, leather storage, pelt storage
Anvil (not a forge)
Wood chopping block, large wood pile/ storage
5 potato, cabbage, and leek plants
3 Chickens and nests (spread around)

Interior; Followers should enter and exit with ease (mine did)

Cooking pot
Food decoration and storage
Wine stores
Fireplace with adjacent lounge area
Shrines of all nine divines
2 Bookshelves
Storage for keys
Dining table
Enchanting workspace, soul gem storage (Empty and Full)
Alchemy workspace, potion, poison, ingredient, spell tome, and scroll storage
Wardrobe, clothing, necklace, ring, and circlet storage
Office, lockpick and notes/journals storage
Mini standing stones (can activate)
Single bed
Treasures display, septim safe and gem storage


Entry, 55 mannequins
Right, 60 weapon racks and display for 9 holds gear
Left, 40 shield (only) plaques and 24 dagger display cases

Version 2.0
Fixed weapon racks and mannequin display
"poisons" spelling error corrected
A few more minor effects added

No reported Bugs

Credit to these modders and their brilliant resources;
(Which are included in my mod but do not require separate download)
Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67
Paintings and Frames by Artisanix
New Plants 1_2 by Tamira
OpenBooks, PotionShelf, BookSets, and FoodContainer Resource by Blary

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