Elite Rogue Armour - UNPB - UNP compatible by KungFuMasterPS
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Added: 20/01/2013 - 06:02AM
Updated: 06/09/2016 - 08:40PM

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Last updated at 20:40, 6 Sep 2016 Uploaded at 6:02, 20 Jan 2013

Update 1.11:

-slider support
(100% weight increases shininess for some reason, use 99% instead)

First screen(if someone curious):

char: Ningheim preset 4
grab here:

location: Whiterun Mansion
grab here:

enb: latest 0.178
grab on

Thanks everyone for screenshots!

Thanks Ivory_Soul for featuring my mod in his article:

Thanks Saiodin and JohnnySQS for review:


Hi everyone, here is my first mod i ever done :)

It is a light armor made completly from scratch by me. Stats about like glass armor but it is a little lighter. Craftable in forge.

The idea behind asymmetry is to give more defense on side facing to enemy most:)

Main armor
Plates piece(optional)


Please use Nexus Mod Manager

For manual install copy mod files to Skyrim directory.
For manual uninstall delete from Skyrim/Data:
-textures/EliteRogueTextures (but leave textures folder)
-meshes/armor/EliteRogue (but leave armor folder)


Unp body
Unpb body

Highly recommended

1HD weapons on back
Skeleton for female models perfect 3-2

Known issues

Minor clipping may occur.


Update 1.10:
-added hotpants
-added longpants
-added innerwear, cuz sometimes its very cold in skyrim :)
(has slightly more defence and weight, no big deal but some difference)
-tweaked textures
-various minor tweaks and fixes
-added half sized textures variant for better performance

One version for textures for now, its made from both dark and standart versions, i like it most.

Update 1.04:
-added world objects
-added darker and more desaturated version
-added perk compatibility, now it's considered full matching set (jacket and plates = helmet and gloves respectively, can be replaced with hide helmet and gloves or used along with)

Update 1.01: fixed cubemap :) (forgot to include it for some reason)

Future plans

tera lvl60 8D


You can do whatever with armor parts and its textures if you provide link to this page.
(exept selling it directly :) and exept body parts cuz its UNP, please refer to its original page)
Leather textures can't be ported to other games because they are based on vanilla.


Thanks Bethesda for Skyrim
Thanks Dimon99 for UNP body
Thanks MrTroubleMaker/xp32/calyps for UNPB body
Thanks Nightasy for his awesome tutorials
Thanks TES Adventures for great feedback
Thanks Google translate :)


3ds max 2010
Photoshop CS5
Blender 2.65a