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NO MODS REQUIRED - absolutely standalone
-Unique Epic Elf Race
-35+ new custom Spriggan spells
-Custom combat style & class
-Unique custom HD face and body textures
-Perk set for Archery, Light Armor, Block, One-handed, and Sneak
-Autoleveled, marriageable and essential
-10 body options

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish

What this mod does:
It adds standalone unique elf companion named Eryniel to the game.

General overview: Eryniel is light armored Archer and Spriggan mage. She is set to primarily depend on her magic and bow. She has nearly 35 customized offensive and defensive Spriggan magic spells designed specifically for her. Her combat strategy can be described as flank/stalk/magic attack.

Eryniel's background: Eryniel - the daughter of the woods. She is learned in the arts of Archery and Spriggan Magic. Eryniel lost her family and was taken in and raised by a family of Spriggans. They gifted her with a lot of their magic and she made many allies in that forest.

Eryniel's race: Eryniel uses customized verison of Epic Elves race. Epic elves feel bond with nature and strive to live in harmony with the natural world. They are proficient with bows and swords as well as magic.

Location where you can find her: Just on the other side of the bridge running out of Riverwood - usually hanging around the waterfall on the left. (See screenshots)

Requirements: Skyrim version 1.8 or higher. Other than that there is no requirements.The mod is absolutely standalone, meaning that all required mods are already included in the main file, so you don't need any additional mods to be installed.

Recommended but not required mods:
Eryniel Elf Reborn- NSFW Nude Patches - (see "Posts" for updated link) body options for Eryniel; UNP Skinny, UNP Curvy, CBBE Slim, CBBE Curvy, E55, ADEC, Pandora.
Extensible Follower Framework by Expired - multifollower mod, enhances your followers behavior, fixes a lot of follower related bugs and much more. This mod also works with AFT and UFO.
Size does matter - NPCs don't rescale, shrink, resize by Mahlzeit88
Follower Commentary Overhaul - FCO by terzaerian

This Mod is cleaned with TES5Edit prior to any and every release

Customized build:
- Autoleveled, marriageable and Essential
- Morality: Any crime
- Health/Stamina/Magicka Offsets: None
- Race: Eryniel's Epic Elves Race is tweaked and set unplayable. The tweaks are +100 to burden, and Health/Stamina/Magicka start at 100.
If you wish you can still have Epic Elves race by Zzjay installed, it will not conflict with this mod.
- Starting gear: Her inventory will contain everything she needs to initially get started. All, except for the bow and staff, will be randomly selected from the leveled lists for the level you initially find her.

Spriggan magic Spells - All Customized:
- Offensive: A spriggan and a matron level of Insect Swarm, she gains access to the matron level as her destruction increases. Approximately 20 levels of Call Wilderness Animal ranging from Novice to Master level. Eryniel will gain access to more animals as her Conjuration skill increases.
- Defensive: 5 levels of Spriggan defense spells starting at novice level she wraps herself in visible oak bark. She gains access to the higher defense spells as her alteration increases.
- Spriggan Healing: Eryniel has two levels of self healing Spriggan magic. Swirls of leaves at her feet also grant her magic resistance.
- Special Spell for the Player: Dispell Beasts Spell -allows you to dispell Eryniel's animals. You can get the spell tom from Eryniel's inventory. The spell must be cast on Eryniel, just like Dispel from Oblivion, not on Eryniel's animals.

Customized combat style: Can be described as flank/stalk/magic attack. As for weapons, she favors bows, staffs, one handed and shields. Her AI is tweaked to entirely prioritize weapon selection from longest range to shortest range - in that order. She is trained in shield attacks and power attacks and can also dual wield. But her priority is magic and the bow. To see the most spriggan magic, equip her with a bow and a shield and nothing else.

Customized Class: as she levels up she favors magicka over stamina and health. She will increase the following skills - One-Handed, Archery, Block, Light Armor, Sneak, Destruction, Alteration and Conjuration since she needs these to defend herself and also cast her Spriggan Magic.

Customized Mage Staff: Hircine's Splinter fires custom Spriggan magic

Map Marker: If you lose her, you can find her by toggling on the "Where is Eryniel?" quest.

- Complete perk set for Archery, Light Armor, Block, One-handed, and Sneak (no trap triggering)
- Partial perk set to support her spells and role for Conjuration, Restoration, Destruction and Alteration.

Meshes and textures:
- Head meshes: Eryniel uses custom head mesh, custom ears mesh and a special set of tri files to give her unique appearance.
- Body: Eryniel has UNP slim Never Nude by default.
Additionally we have made a special patch which allows you to give Eryniel CBBE Slim Never Nude body. (CBBE patch is avaliable in Optional downloads).
There are also Nude CBBE and UNP body patches available on the special download page: Eryniel Elf Reborn- NSFW Nude Patches. Note that nude patches require Eryniel Never Nude UNP or CBBE body to be installed first.
-Textures: Eryniel uses High Resolution uncompressed body and face textures and High Res make-up tintmap.
Eryniel has unique high resolution body and face Spriggan art tattoos, created for her by Rip88 and TairenSoul.
Eryniel's default Nevernude bodies (UNP & CBBE) use special underwear textures, which were created exclusively for Eryniel by Rip88.

How to Install:
Make your life easy and use NMM. Get Nexus Mod Manager here
If you're a die-hard manual installer, you'll know what to do with the files.

How to Install CBBE body patch:
1.Download and install the main file Eryniel Elf Reborn V3.1 first,
2.then download Eryniel Elf Reborn CBBE patch in Optional files section.
Note: If you're installing CBBE patch with NMM - select to install NORMALLY by clicking "NO" when the pop-up appears and "YES" to overwrite the files.
Remember: you cannot double-click in NMM to install the file - NMM can't see the difference between mods coming from the same download page and thinks they are all the same mod. You must install with NMM using the green arrow button, then tell it to install normally by clicking "No," then tell it to overwrite files by clicking "Yes to all".

How to Install Japanese translation:
1. Download and install main file
2. Download Japanese translation patch Eryniel_Reborn_V3_1_JapaneseTranslationByEkudexisisu form Miscellaneous files section and replace the ESP from the main file with the ESP from translation patch.

- This mod is a Skyrim Nexus exclusive release. If we wish our mod to be reuploaded to the other site, we are perfectly capable of doing it ourselves. Please respect our decision and DO NOT reupload our mod, or any altered version of our mod elsewhere. If you want this mod to be available on your website or blog - provide a direct link to our mod page so that people can download it from here and not on mediafire or similar places. Please refrain from asking permission for reupload, we did not give, or want to give a permission for any kind of reupload.
- Eryneil has special body, face and underwear textures, that were edited and modified specifically for this mod - so if you want to use them in your own mod - you have to obtain our written content first.
- This mod also contains assets belonging to the other mod authors, that can't be redistributed without permission. We can not pass on the permissions for Eryniel's assets - you will need to seek permission from all mod authors mentioned in our credits yourself, before you can use the assets from this file to modify them in any way.
- The translations permission requests are welcome, providing that:
You PM us for permission in advance,
You will leave the original file structure intact
You will use original screenshots
You will include the original readme file
You will link back to the original file here at Nexus (put a clearly visible credit and a link back to our original mod on your translation mod page).
You will notify us when your translation is published and send us a link to the page where your translation was published
Most importantly: you will have to credit us as the original authors.

First of all many thanks to The Nexus Network for providing and maintaining such a great place for modders to share their work.
Huge thanks to Netherwalk for all his support and wonderful images, and for getting our Eryniel to the Number 1 Nexus Top Images of course ;)

Many thanks to ekudexisisu for making Japanese translation of Eryniel. If you are Japanese and have some questions about Eryniel, please feel free to contact Ekudexisisu on twitter:

Many thanks to the following mod authors for their great armor mods which were used on the images:
- asianboy345 TERA Armors Collection
- SydneyB Ashara Princess of the Woods and Ashara Dimonized Dress and jewelry - UNP - male
- Calyps Imperial Investigator Armor UNP - UNPB
- DreamBurrow DreamBurrows Sage Outfit
DreamBurrows Imperial Investigator Retexture

Credits and thanks to these great artists who gave us permission to use their work in our mod:

Credit's for Eryniel's hair
- Anto from for creating this awesome hairstyle Eryniel is using and
- Apachii for converting it for Skyrim, for and letting us her work in our mod, for making a special edition of Eryniel hairstyle for slim bodies UNP/CBBE and just for being so awesome :)
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii

Credits for Eryniel's Race assets:
- Kani_hime Epic elves by Kani Hime
- Zzjay Epic Elves by zzJay

Credits for Eryniel's Body:
- Glosshouse team: eronel55, Xazomn, kendo2, Ginnyfizz for E55 Female Body Replacer
- Dimon99 for the beautiful UNP skinny body Dimonized UNP Female Body by Dimon99
- Halofarm for UNPC body meshes UNPC Body and Clothing
- Caliente for Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE
- Bhaktisean for custom Lunari race CBBE body mesh Lunari Race
- Acdale for Acdale EyeCandy Body ADEC
- mk1mk2 for Pandora female body replacer
- Rip88 for great underwear and textures Summer Wear V2 nsfw by RIP88
- TairenSoul & Rip88 for wonderful body tatoo []Face Tattoo Warpaint[/url]
- Navetsea for the body skin texture and normal map: CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible
- alt3rn1ty for the seamless version: Alt Navetsea UNP Seamless
- HHaleyy for amazing body specular maps Fair Skin Complexion Sweaty Body-ADEC-CBBE-UNP-UNPB-UNPC
- Nouserhere for cute elf ears: Ear models for modders
- Phygit for beautiful femfeet: Phygit's FemFeet
- MrTroubleMaker for great hands meshes: Better Hand Mesh for UNP UNPB
- Ning999 for his great skeleton mod: The skeleton of female models

Credits for Eryniel's Eyes:
- Halendia for the wonderful eye textures: Iridum Eyes
- Gabriel Mailhot aka LogRaam for eyelashes alpha channel and eye background The Eyes Of Beauty
- Pikkatze for the beautiful eyebrows: Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents

Credits for Eryniel's face:
- Dimon99 for the DIMface Dimonized UNP Female Body by Dimon99
- BellaGail Better Females by Bella
- Zzjay for Better Females By Bella Natural Edition
- Navetsea for CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible by Navetsea
- HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion Sweaty Body-ADEC-CBBE-UNP-UNPB-UNPC
- mrLenski and HHaleyy for great make-up tintmasks, which were used to create Eryniel's tintmap (the tintmasks are not included in this mod):
Coverwomen by mrLenski
Makeup Tweaks by HHaleyy
- TairenSoul for her wonderful Face Tattoo Warpaint
- Tktk and RAN46 for the tri files and head mesh: Enhanced Character Edit
- zzjay for HD teeth: Smile in HD

Credit for Eryniel's weapon:
- EcthelionOtW for HD textures: EcthelionOtW Mage Equipment Overhaul