Aggressive Exploding Chickens - need combat animations by Gunz77
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Added: 18/01/2013 - 10:35PM
Updated: 19/01/2013 - 04:53AM

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Last updated at 4:53, 19 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 22:35, 18 Jan 2013

Animators, please help! I need some combat animations for spells and shouts, and I have zero knowlege or experience in animation. Anyone willing to lend a hand would be very appreciated, and would be given fair credit on this mod.

This mod simply edits the behavior of the chickens to be more aggressive. Chickens will swarm any NPCs that come into their detection range.

If you want to upload some screenshots, feel free. I haven't taken any (as you can tell), but I will when I get the time. Until then, I'd love to see what my fellow modders do with killer suicide-bombing-upon-death chickens from the planes of Oblivion.

It does not require the original chicken mod, as it is the same file, just with some major tweaks.

Make sure to read the README file in the .RAR. It will give a better description than what I write here, as I update the README every time I tweak the mod. Each upload will have a continually more descriptive README.

I am still working on this mod. please feel free to comment on suggestions. At this point, all I know how to do with certainty is edit behavior and combat voice patterns.

Please let me know (If you have any experience with this kind of mod) how to make the chickens have combat capability. I have equipped them with several fire-based spells and the dragon fireball shout, but they won't use them.

Remember to endorse the file if you like it!

This mod may cause a crash after character creation menu, when Alduin attacks. No known reason why (It may simply be coincidental, It only happened twice on close to 10 attempts)

I do not recommend using this mod if working on completing every questline. It is a just-for-fun mod, good for wasting time and brightening your day.

Too many of them can and WILL kill you. Even 2 of them in close proximity can kill lower-leveled players and NPCs.


This mod is an edit of clayman67's Explosive Chickens mod. I did not create the explosive part, just the behavior.
-- may cause crash, as stated above
-- still working on making them non-hostile to guards


Update log: v0.1: uploaded to Nexus, still a WIP
-- made chickens hostile to everything that isn't a chicken
-- changed drop item to fire salts (figured it made more sense than raw chicken after a fiery blast)

v1.1: (unuploaded)
-- set voice to dremora combat speech
-- made chickens bigger... much bigger

v1.2 (Still tweaking behavir, working out some bugs)
-- reduced chicken size
-- more behavior tweaks