Summon Creeper - A Minecraft Creature by Alex Ducey
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Creeper Readme:

Installation: Just extract the files to your Skyrim\Data folder


On the endtable next to Farengar's desk there is a tome, summon creeper. Pick up the spell, and point and click. It costs 0 mana and takes virtually no time to cast,
as this spell is meant to be fun, not fit in with the Vanilla game. As stated in the short description the Creeper will pick someone at random (other than you), attack them,
die, and explode. Or maybe explode and then die. Who knows?

Anyway, this is my first time making a mesh, so be gentle. I don't know how to make the legs move, maybe I'll do that someday. In any case, it should be funny, which is the point.

Please don't take this seriously.