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- Cities Are Cities -

Alpha Version! But playable ;)

What this mod does or is going to add:

This is a complete reworking of the five major cities in Skyrim:

- Adds new buildings and architecture
- Adds Npc's and new factions
- Adds quests with eventually voiced Npc's and ambient city sounds.

Do you ever thought that the cities in Skyrim look like a small village without a lot of life? Yes... me too!
Where are the crazy fantasy cities with huge columns, tight streets, naughty guys and enormous walls?
However, the vanilla cities have a real personality, so I've decided to enhance the cities from this base, with respect of the background, but with some liberty too! ;)
The idea is, more or less, to force the traits of each city and to bring a little bit of crazyness and epicness in it.

What is available for now:


- I've expanded the city on each side to make it bigger with more buildings where you can go.
- Added some decorative Npc's.
- Added some clutter here and there (Dead Stormcloack prisonners, carts, animals, statues, etc.)
Recommended mod to have the same look as in the pictures and the video:

Cities Are Cities Solitude Alpha Version


- Expanded the city on the mountain where you can go.
- Enhanced the castle.
- Began the other parts of the city.

Cities Are Cities Windhelm Alpha Version

What I'm planning to do:

- Begin the entrances of Markarth and Whiterun.
- Add some merchants and clutter to Solitude.
- Bring some life to Windhelm Upper city and finish the architecture.

Problems and bugs:

This is an alpha version for now, so of course there are bugs, missing things, etc.


- Collision bugs.
- Missing doors.
- Two or three models don't show up sometimes.
- Needs polishing for the overall architecture.


- Needs polishing too. :p
- "Cloned Npcs" (just for the new ones) sometimes.

What you can do for this mod:

- Download the mod just for testing, then give me feedbacks, ideas, critics, etc.
- When I will work on the new quests with a lot of scripting things, I think some help could be really welcome. I'm not at that stage for now, but I have some ideas, for some new quests, factions etc. So if you are interested, you could send me a PM! ;)

Thanks to download this mod, give me some comments, endorsement and critics! It encourages me a lot to continue! :)

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