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What's the matter? Alduin a push over!? Harkon a newb!?!? Do you demand the greatest boss fight and quest skyrim has ever seen? I present Omega Death, War Hero of the Thalmor who has gained the favor of many if not all daedric lords to gain power the likes of which noone has seen in centuries!

What makes Omega Death so Omega!?
1.Brutal Storm Call lvl 3 so that in the end your followers drop like flies until its just you and the Omega Death in an epic 1 on 1 battle to the death! (Lightning Storm background is better combat weather anyways!)
2. Armor rating through the roof and at least 15k life set at level 60 so that the battle can last and remain memorable!
3. Comes with the dropable Omega Death Shreader, the ultimate Weapon of insanity! It's damage is on the lacking side however this scythe will launch enemies and drain large amounts of health.
4. He is tall and intimdating with a mix of thalmor and daedric themes.
5. He is rediculously fast making the unexpect occasional charge heart pounding.
6. He has an awsome aura effect.

Why did I made this mod?
I feel that you have to stay on your toes and your acumulated level = futile. With mad skill, determination, and some luck you will prevail... along with several retries... and several potions... and maybe some followers... ok a small army >.>

What you NEED before engauging Omega Death:
1. Acquire a bare minimum of lvl 40 OR YOU WILL DIE!
2. Have UFO mod installed because you are going to need high level companions or nearves of ebony OR YOU WILL DIE!
**********3. REQUIRED! Have Liliths Sickle mod by wiikki.*************
4. Essential followers because if you do not have them as essential THEY WILL DIE!

This mod is still currently a beta as part of a larger mod including quest and several followers. The current mod in development is known as Silnia.

Silnia mod info: A young woman from the outskirts of skyrim is found in the halls of Castle Dour in Solitude seeking the aid of the Empire. She is a princess who's home, The Ancient Fortress Castle of Talos, has been sieged by Thalmor forces under the command of a twisted daedric infused high elf known only as Omega Death. Her home is technically not considered a part of skyrim and as thus has been considered not part of the White Gold Concordate Treaty. Unable to acquire aid from Ulfric Stormcloak or her Imperial Allies her homeland is all but doomed until a hero of skyrim comes to her aid.

Omega Death does not yet spawn anywhere in the world of skyrim. You will need to use the console commands to summon him via ~ --> help Omega --> player.placeatme 648762332 or whatever the NPC code for him reads --> Prepare to get owned!

Update 1/19/2013 Beta Version 2
1. New atire for omega death with heavy armor stats and and aura effect.
2. Now when Omega Death launches a target into the air with his scythe they will fade out of reality becoming Ethereal for a few seconds allowing the poor victims to distance themselves from his brutal onslaught.
3. New health and armor balance making him slightly easier (But still strong enough to destroy you and all your hopes and dreams!)
4. I also recommend downloading duel combat realism mod. Makes this mod far better.