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Adds a lore friendly Lesser Power to the game which makes NPC\'s hit by it undress.

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"A whisper channeling Dibella's will compels fertile adults to openly show their natural beauty to the world."

I've been playing Skyrim for around 500 hours now with Caliente's beautiful meshes and textures in my game for most of that time. They really are great, but it kept bothering me that the only time I ever really got to see them was on dead people. Now, I'm not much of a necrophiliac so I said to myself "Hey! Wouldn't it be great if I could enjoy the view while the ladies still have a pulse - but without having to run batch scripts and console commands, completely breaking immersion?". "Sure would!", I replied.
And so I set about making a somewhat lore friendly spell that would help with this.
Enter Dibella's Compulsion.

What does it do?
Dibella's Compulsion is a spell in the form of a Lesser Power. It has no cost and works as a shout with a fairly narrow cone of effect and no cooldown.
The spell can be obtained through a spell tome bought from most vendors who sell low level spells, such as Farengar Secret-Fire in Whiterun.
The fluff (and spell description) is "A whisper channeling Dibella's will compels fertile adults to openly show their natural beauty to the world."
What this means is that only playable races will be affected. Therefore children and elders are not, since they are not playable. To avoid gamebreaking exploitation it is not usable on NPC's in combat or currently searching for a target.
Targets caught in the cone will unequip items in most slots. They will still carry them, just not equipped. The spell is not hostile so they will not become aggressive. If used on a follower they will re-equip their gear as soon as you trade something with them, but other NPC's will stay naked for much longer (roughly 2 days when you're not in their area).

It should be noted that since this is just a mod that strips people of equipped armor, they will not actually be truly naked unless you have a mesh/texture replace mod installed such as Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- or DIMONIZED UNP female body, and/or Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles.

Please endorse if you found it useful, to help others find it :)

Version differences
  • 1.1: The spell is obtainable through a tome sold from many vendors such as Farengar Secret-Fire. The spell is not usable on targets in combat or searching.
  • 1.0: The spell is added to all vanilla playable races and available from the get go. The spell is usable in combat.

Manual Installation
1) Extract the file "DibellasCompulsion-NudeSpell*.esp" to your "\Skyrim\Data\" folder
2) Extract "DibellasCompulsionScript.pex" to "\Skyrim\Data\Scripts\"
3) Enable "DibellasCompulsion-NudeSpell.esp*" in your Skyrim launcher under the "Data" menu.
That's it.

Should be compatible with anything since it's based on the vanilla files and doesn't overwrite anything, it only adds content in the form of an esp and a pex (script) file (no meshes textures that could conflict with other mods).
Only tested to work with Skyrim v1.8+, may not work with older versions of Skyrim.


Known issues
Feel free to contact me if you know how to solve any of these or have a firm idea of what, specifically, causes them.
  • Only tested to work with Skyrim v1.8+. I've had several reports that it doesn't work with v1.4 Skyrim clients - in these cases the books cannot be bought from the vendors.
  • Some NPC's will refuse to remove their head gear. In the case of Serana this is a hardcoded behaviour specific to her, but I have observed it in a few other instances too.
  • With SkyUI the spell tome will have an alchemy icon in the UI instead of a book icon. This is only an issue with older versions of SkyUI and purely cosmetic.
  • Since the spell unequips clothing it can be used to pickpocket peoples clothes off them before skill 100, so there's a slight exploit there. Found by Thoranhaxmaul.

/Nathan Longhair

Disclaimer: I'm not a hardcore modder, I just made this one for fun because I couldn't find a mod that did what I wanted. Therefore I will probably not be supporting or updating it for long. Sold as is :)