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You always knew you were a Conqueror, now its time to dress the part! Dawn the armor of a Conquistador and take what you want from the godless heathens of Skyrim!

A Word from the Author
So I finally finished this armor which is one of a number of projects I started a while back and never really finished. The armor is only for males, but the helmet can be used for all genders and races. I probably won't be doing a female version of the armor.

Have fun! And don't forget to kill responsibly!

How to Aquire the Armor!

Option 1:
-Go to the location identified in the screenshots and find it!

Option 2:
- Press ~ to open up the cheat menu
- Type help conquistador and press enter
- You should see a list of all 4 items and their numerical codes
- Type player.additem 66666666 1 and replace the 6s with the code of the item you want to spawn
- Do this for all 4 pieces and whala! Your a conquistador!

Version History

Version 1.0
-Initial Upload

Version 1.1
-1st Person added
-More depth added to textures
-The armor had been added to the gameworld along with a shaky less than exquisite back-story (see screens for location)

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Don't forget to endorse these authors works if you use them!

-Bethesda - For this epic game!
-The author and contributors of the "Creating an Armour for Skyrim" tutorial - Without this I would not have created this armor for Skyrim! link