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This is a new race and does not replace or modify Argonians in any way.

In vanilla, there is only one Shadowscale left, well now there are two. Those born under the sign of The Shadow in Blackmarsh are taken away to be trained for assassination. The Shadow grants invisibility for 60 seconds. But this Shadowscale inherited the power Shadow Kill and is bound to no sign. Shadowscales have always been the ultimate assassins.

Skill bonuses:
One-Handed: 10
Sneak: 5
Illusion: 5
Speech: 5
Light Armor: 5
Pickpocket: 5

Passive skills:
Same as Argonians; 50% resistance to poisons and diseases.
Power: Once a day become invisible for up to 10 secs, and for 15 seconds deal double damage and take half damage. Excellent for sneaking up to and killing that inconveniently positioned bandit, guard or vampire.

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