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The legendary and instantly recognizable mask worn by Jack of Blades.
Some have speculated that it is a vessel with which to trap souls, and
that Jack used it to possess the bodies of many Heroes over the
centuries, thereby appearing immortal to all.

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  • Turkish
Note: This is my first mod. If there are bugs or problems please let me know. Another note: Same as KaranVess' Insanitys Mask (which you should go look at btw, it was the founding basis of this one!), this mod may have some clipping issues with large males. Thanks. :)

[size=2.5pt]Attractiveness: -25
Scariness: +25
The Mask of Blades, sometimes referred to as the Soul Mask, is the grisly-looking and instantly recognizable mask worn by Jack of Blades. The mask itself has the ability to trap and carry souls. Some speculate that Jack has used the mask to possess many Heroes over the centuries, granting him control of their body and making him appear immortal. Jack's mask is similar to a phylactery, a container where the soul flees upon the death of it's current body/host, if the phylactery is destroyed while the soul is within it, then so is the soul. [/size]

[size=3pt]How to Obtain the Mask:[/size]

The first is by using the console. When you get in game, type the ~ button (in the upper-left corner of most keyboards). Then type help "Mask of Blades" . After you have found the ID, simply type player.additem xxxxxxx 1, the xxxxxx being the ID number, and the 1 being the quantity that you want.

The second way of obtaining it is by crafting. It's craftable under the Jewelry section of any forge. The recipe requires 1 Human Heart, 5 Dragon Scales, 6 Dragon Bones, and a 'filled' Greater Soul Gem. The recipe was created with difficult items to find on purpose, since this mask is considered a 'legendary' item.

The mask also has a destruction magic enchantment. If you don't wish for the enchantment, please download the non-enchanted version. Thanks!

[size=3pt]Recommended Mods:[/size]

I highly recommend using a hood with this; It captures the "Jack of Blades look" much better and prevents any hair clipping issues.

zzjay and Grace Darklings Hoods with hairs
Hoods and Circlets
Craftable Monk Hoods
Sword of aeons - By Jeizar


Tommster for the original texture.
KaranVess for the Insanitys Mask mod, which was used as a base mesh for this mask.[/size]