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Craftable Archmage Robes given by the Psijic

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Craftable Psijic Archmage Outfit

I never really liked the Archmage Outfit, but the Psijic Outfit is kind of awesome.
So i made the Psijic Archmage Outfit.
All parts are craftable at any forge in the misc section.
I had no save game before i finished it, so i could not test this part, but i intended to make it not craftable until the quest Eye of Magnus is finished.
So the Psijic Archmage Outfit is a gift from the Psijic Order because you saved the world. (Again...)
The enchantments are similar to the Archmage Outfit but they are a little bit stronger, but not overpowered (in my eyes), since the Psijics are like the UBER magic guild somehow.
Unfortunately the orc and khajiit hoods have clipping issues. DonĀ“t know how to fix this yet.
Maybe someone can test, if it really is NOT craftable before the Eye of Magnus quest is finished.

Have Fun!

I checked the mod with TES5Edit, so no problems should occur

- Thanks to BabattKhan for verifying that the outfit is really not craftable before the Eye of Magnus quest!
- Clipping from Khajit and Orc races solved, just minor horn clipping from argonians left. If someone knows a solution say it^^
- Now Imperial vampires are able to wear the gauntles and boots too

Just unzip and copy the data folder into the Skyrim folder
And overwrite if it is asked.

- Translations, if nothing else than the language is changed
- Retextures (will change normal Psijic Robes aswell)
- Custom body mods like CBBE and UNP (would also change normal Psijic Robes)
- Skyrim Nexus exclusive

Bethesda for making Skyrim