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This overhauls the scripts that govern how often (and what songs) bards play in inns and taverns. It comes in several variants:

Bards Play Less

  • Bards wait at least fifteen seconds to a minute before playing
  • Bards have a two out of three chance of taking a four to seven minute break between songs
  • Bards have a one in ten chance of not playing anything and instead taking another break
  • Bards will wander about the room during the break
  • Interrupting a bard with conversation will force them to take a break
  • Songs can still be requested

Bards Play Less - Instrumental

  • Same as Bards Play Less, but bards will only choose instrumental music to play (other songs can still be requested)

Bards Play Only on Request

  • Bards will never play unless you ask them to


  • Sprinting into bards during a song will sometimes stop them from playing and they will remain standing until it becomes time for them to take another break (vanilla game behavior). Requesting another song can fix this.
  • Talking to a bard before he gets off a break but into the time when he should be playing can result in some strange playing behavior and can bork the break system until the bard is reloaded or another song is requested.