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Added: 14/01/2013 - 10:25PM
Updated: 23/01/2013 - 11:44PM

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Across the river from Riverwood, there's a tower with a door, this door leads to the interior of the Blue Palace that was duplicated and had the NPC's removed. I added a smithing area in the lower guard barracks and an alchemy table in the wizard's room, and a vendor with a ton of gold in the throne room.
There's also a nice armor set behind a locked door that would normally lead to the Pelagius Wing.

Simply extract this into your /Data folder and enable it in the launcher OR download with the NMM and enable it there.

Any questions, suggestions or requests? Just leave a comment!

Windhelm Palace of the Kings player home now available:

Version 0.4
- Navmeshed a room I had forgotten to check (the one with the daedric armor)
- Added some mage armor to a wardrobe in the mage's room
- Added the Jester set to the chest in the Jarl's room
- Deleted the intro trigger I somehow missed earlier
- Palace of the Kings Home should be released by the end of the week!

Version 0.3
- Added some stairs to make it a bit easier to actually reach the door outside
- Changed the kitchen area slightly
- Added a grinding stone and a tanning rack to the blacksmithing area
- Beginning work on a Palace of the Kings player home.

Version 0.2
- Fixed a bug
- Added a place for you to cook, since I noticed the kitchen didn't actually have one