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Last updated at 22:37, 31 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 1:03, 14 Jan 2013

This mod allows you to craft unenchanted versions of unique weapons and armor after you have acquired them. In some cases you can create the alternative item as well if you had two choices. Also includes an alternate light armor Emerald Spellbreaker.

All items are duplicates and none of the original files are edited. If I left any really cool items out, let me know. I didn't include the base armor from the various guilds because you would just replace it a few quests later. Some of the leather items were put into the scale category so they can be double improved with smithing perks. You don't need smithing perks to create them, just complete the required quest for it to be added to your list. The recipes are generally the same as a similar basic item, plus an extra component related to the specific item.

Most of the items can be crafted immediately after acquiring them. Some, like the Nightingale armor and weapons won't be available until you become a true Nightingale by returning the Skeleton Key. Here's the list:

Archmage Robes
Archmage Hooded Robes
Archmage Boots
-- Become the Archmage

-- He won't be needing it anymore.

Jester Clothes, Hat, Boots, and Gloves
-- Ask Cicero...nicely?

Nightingale Blade/Bow
Nightingale Armor
-- Become a true Nightingale (Darkness Returns)

Ancient Shrouded Armor
-- Regular shrouded just won't do (Breaching Security)

Blade of Woe
-- Must be given freely or opted out completely (no picking pockets)

Thieves' Guild Master Armor
-- Become the thieves guild leader

Thalmor Robes
Thalmor Hooded Robes
-- Take it from the source (Diplomatic Immunity)

Shield of Ysgramor
-- Lead the Companions

Ebony Blade
Ebony Mail
Mace of Molag Bal
Mehrunes Razor
Masque of Clavicus Vile
The Rueful Axe
Spellbreaker/Emerald Spellbreaker
Savior's Hide
-- Complete the appropriate Daedric quest; however you want.

These are all base unenchanted items, no changes other than the Ebony Blade. I fixed it to be two handed and upped the damage a bit. The Emerald Spellbreaker is a retextured version of the regular Spellbreaker. I wanted a light armor version with the existing enchant. It's the only item that uses up the original to create it.

Update 1.1:
-- Ansilvund holds the answer

Drainspell Sword, Axe, and Bow
-- Fully explore Labyrinthian

Mystic Dawn Robes
Mystic Dawn Hooded Robes
-- Finish assembling Mehrune's Razor first

Also added an unenchanted version of the Emerald Spellbreaker. Not sure why I didn't include that to begin with...oops.

Update 1.11
Psiijic Outfit
-- Maybe the Archmage robe isn't for you

Greybeard's Outfit
-- To become a Greybeard you must first meet their leader

Also adjusted the weights of the clothing to be consistent.