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Added: 14/01/2013 - 01:03AM
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LOCATION: Just a bit north east of Morthal. There's a map in the file images.
Dawnguard required.

Version 3: I cleaned the place up a bit. Added a little bit of clutter. I'm still trying to keep it simple so I didn't go crazy. The big addition is two Armored Skeletons that I added as guards for the tower. They will treat the player as an ally and defend the tower. If you don't like them they are tagged as "protected" so as far as most combat is concerned they are essential, the player can kill them. So if you wanted to get rid of them it's easy enough.

Version 2: Added 3 Vampire Cattle inside the prison cell in the basement. (There is a screenshot of them posted.) I also tweaked the for outside the tower a bit.

I hate load screens. I know it's not a big deal in Skyrim as they are short. They just bug me. Like when you fast travel back to your home just so you can see a door and then another load screen.

Hatespire Tower is set up so most of the things I use often in a player home are quick and easy to get to with out an extra load screen. Alchemy, enchanting, smithing, even the cooking spit are all in the tower proper. The forge being on top with an extra fast travel marker in case you aren't a fan of stairs. All of the tower above ground is out in the world. It will not rain inside the tower though.

As for a place a bit more secure. There is a basement to the tower with one load screen. Personally I use it for my long term storage.

I made this mostly for my own play style and it worked so well I thought others may get use out of it. I've been using this home as a base for my Vampire and raiding the homes of Morthal for fresh blood. It's location is very close to Morthal but not right on top of it.

Known Issues: For some reason the Map Marker isn't triggering the sound that plays when you discover a location. Also that discovery sound seems to play when you walk to the north east a bit. I have yet to track down the cause.