Capture Enemies - Dwemer Slaver Spheres by Alex Ducey
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Dwemer Slaver Speheres:

Couldn't be simpler, just extract the files into your Data folder and it should be good to go.

Dwemer slaver spheres capture the bodies and minds of your enemies rather than their souls. This can only be done on enemies
in a weakened state (less than 15% health). It also cannot be done on enemies with a strong will to live (Essential characters)
Dragons however, are not immune.

How it works:
Upon installation you will receive five dwemer slaver spheres and three spells in Conjuration. The first spell called Enslave captures weakened enemies within
the sphere. By dropping the sphere with a capture enemy inside it you will release the enemy, but as your brand new friend! Well, slave. Anyway, the point is it will fight for you as if it were a follower. It will not however attack people that it was formerly
allied with. So, for example you can't capture a Whiterun guard and then make it fight other Whiterun guards. It won't fight against you when you hit
another guard, but it won't fight for you either.
To release an enslaved creature (so you can fill that ball with a cooler slave, presumably) you can fire the spell Release Enslaved on the sphere with the enslaved creature in it
after dropping the sphere. The enslaved creature will resume their normal behaviour as if nothing had ever happened. (WARNING: This may mean trying to kill you immediately.)
The third spell is a practical spell. It is very easy to lose track of your slaver spheres after dropping them. The spell summon Slaver Spheres immediately returns them to your inventory.
This will unsummon any creatures you have summoned from the spheres, as well as returning your spheres from wherever they may be.

That's about it.
Have fun!